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September 15, 2015

OBX–the Outer Banks of North Carolina

One of the destinations of the Outer Banks (OBX) was Kill Devil Hills, the site of the first powered flight.  After we spent so much time in Dayton, and with so much Wright Brothers history, it was of interest to see where and why their testing and initial success was so far from home.
P1040439 (640x476)

What they needed was a reliable wind, a slope to launch their glider, a soft landing and a privacy.  Kill Devil Hill filled all those needs allowing the brothers from Dayton, Ohio to teach the world to fly.

To reach eastern NC we used the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel at $19 to take the RV through – with the propane tank turned off.  This is a requirement!, plan to turn the propane off and yes there is space to the right of the toll booth to do so.
P1040399 (640x429)P1040403 (640x478)

The bridge and tunnel system maintain a minimum of 45 mph and although there is ample room on the bridge, however the tunnels are narrow!
P1040413 (640x479)P1040418 (640x480)

Heavy rain and storm front forced a quick seek to shelter and found a nice (and badly needed) spot at OBX Campground.  
P1040431 (640x479)P1040433 (640x479)

Also one of the closest spots to our destinations – the Atlantic Ocean
P1040434 (640x479)P1040435 (640x477)
P1040475 (640x469)P1040473 (640x473)

… and the Wright Brothers Visitor Center
P1040441 (640x468)P1040448 (640x440)P1040465 (640x480)P1040453 (640x477)P1040452 (640x479)

We left the OBX for Roanoke Island and a visit to the lost colony where the first European child (Virginia Dare) was born in the New World.

It was not until downloading pictures from my little point-and-shoot camera did I know it was totally unable to focus.   Sad smile

I’ll recommend this stop and the Elizabethan  Gardens to all,t but do not let a digital camera get wet Smile.

SC and GA next …

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