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July 29, 2023

W.O.W. - Fireworks, SpaceX and OB

Throughout the summer season SeaWorld has a fireworks display to signal closing time.

We seldom watch anymore, but tonight was worth watching from our deck.  As just a few minutes past the finale SpaceX launched a Falcon Heavy from Vandenburg.

As the finale finished, 


The sky was clear with a sliver moon, while Fran and I watched the launch live on my cell phone.

The rocket would be here in just a few minutes.  It was so worth watching for it.


The San Diego Surf is our local soccer club.  They have their practice field at Surf Sports Park in Del Mar, near the Polo Fields, just east of I-5.

The name 'Surf' is a bit confusing with the ocean and associated sports, in this blog it will refer to soccer not to surfing.  .Here’s why - The daughter of my niece plays soccer for the Tacoma Evolution.  They lost in their bid last week in the National Championships, but are here in Del Mar to compete for the Surf Cup.

Even though grandniece Audrey was not playing I decided to watch the team play.  Teams from all across US came to compete in this Best of the Best event.

Tacoma, in white, is taking on Dallas, in blue.

Tacoma scored first, but Dallas quickly tied it up.

But the Tacoma girls soon showed their abilities and easily defeated Dallas 5-1. 


As I mentioned in my last post I set a goal to walk the reopened OB Pier.  Fran and I set out to check it out.

Yup, it’s long, the longest concert pier on the west coast at just under

A popular surfing spot, but the waves were not cooperating that day.

The W.O.W. Café sign has been repainted.

Their website indicated they were still closed, so I figured they’d be opening soon.  But they were indeed open for business with their full menu!

We completed our walk and ordered our fish tacos.  We ordered the fish taco plate with fries and slaw as we can split those and a fish taco.

The tacos come on 2 tortilla shells to hold all the fillings.  There are enough fillings to separate the shells to make 2 tacos or 1 extra long taco.

WOW! the W.O.W. is back.

Work continues to progress in De Anza Cove.  We plan to walk there next.

July 18, 2023

Love is a Rose - Linda Ronstadt tribute band

It’s Linda Ronstadt’s Birthday!  Happy 77th Linda! a Rock, Country, Mariachi idol.  My favorite song she performed is “Love is a Rose”, a Neil Young song.

But first I’ll cover the last few weeks, since my last post.

I’ve completed 2 weeks of in-home PT.  Which is mostly a stretching and icing routine to prevent the scar tissue from taking over.  The one thing I did not expect is the need to practice walking correctly!  Who knew ?

There have been a lot of jigsaw puzzles and audio books to enjoy.  I’m not big on doing the puzzle border first, but prefer to work from a prominent object in the puzzle, while Fran puts the border together.

With Wimbledon on TV I finished the my inside-job before Fran even started on the border of this fun little puzzle.

Fran placed the puzzle poster in the frame to make it look complete.  Nice touch!  But i have the rest of the puzzle on a sheet of paper it was an easy transfer to slide it into place.

These 4 National Park posters will interconnect to create a large banner style puzzle, a gift from Kami.

I like to work on a sheet of stiff paper to transfer my completed sections to complete the puzzle.

Another chore I’ve been relived of performing is mowing the lawn.

I doubt Fran enjoys mowing as much as I do.

For my first real outing Fran and I went to the Serra Mesa block party.  Serra Mesa is a small community across the canyon from us.  It was a true ‘block’ party, taking up only a single block.

But it did have a small car show where the locals could show off their special rides.

This car was a donation to the elementary school and painted by the students.

A Chevelle 427 including a nitrous bottle.  Ready for the street, or the track.

The best of Show went to this awesome 1940 Ford with a V8 shoehorned under the hood.

1940 Ford.  Chrome looks good at the show.
But 'Chrome won't get you home' ~jsp

I’m partial to trucks and the only one entered was this Chevy.  I even like the color, my pick for Best of Show.

The block party included free dogs, burgers and beer.  That’s right FREE beer!  Fran got one, but I have another few weeks before adult beverages are allowed …

There was a constant rotation of bands on the stage.  While I sat to watch the tribute band Love is a Rose

Fran went for one of those FREE beers, but I have another few weeks until the doc says adult beverages are allowed …