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September 20, 2015

‘Gators–Gainesville FL

Not just the University of Florida mascot, but there really are ‘gators in in Gainesville, Florida!
P1040763 (640x480)

Of all the places the snow birds frequent, of all the miles of shoreline, of all the places we could go, why Gainesville?  Because it was not a tourist destination and it still had a good representation of undeveloped FL – birds, trails, prairies, unique geological features, feral horses, bison and alligators. 
Our base camp was at Payne's Prairie State Park, with it’s miles of trails, a feral horse population, a bison herd, bird watching and alligators.
P1040737 (640x471)P1040727 (640x480)
P1040728 (640x479)P1040729 (640x473)P1040730 (640x479)P1040736 (640x476)

Although the campground offers some trails where we viewed the horses, IMHO the best trail is from the north entrance, where a very personal experience with the park can be experienced.  The La Chula Trail is indeed a wild trail, use caution.

P1040738 (640x480)P1040739 (640x477)
P1040700 (640x477)P1040701 (640x480)P1040703 (640x480)P1040704 (640x458)
P1040706 (640x480)P1040714 (640x476)

P1040743 (640x466)P1040745 (640x467)P1040755 (640x473)P1040754 (640x480)P1040748 (640x479)P1040752 (640x479)P1040762 (640x461)P1040772 (640x457)

Not far is the Devil’s Millhopper a unique geology forms a sinkhole.
P1040778 (640x480)P1040776 (640x479)P1040774 (640x479)P1040775 (640x479)
P1040780 (640x479)P1040782 (640x473)P1040783 (640x457)P1040788 (640x480)

Rocky’s RV Park was a nice stop at a nice time, but short of the Gulf.  P1040797 (640x471)
Rocky's Rules:
#1 Littering of any kind, including cigarette butts will not be tolerated.
#3 Cleaning of wild game/fish is welcomed ... All carcasses and scrapes must be hauled back to the woods (AND NOT PUT IN THE DUMPSTERS).

Rocky's was the right place at the right time, but it was not the Gulf!

At last! The Gulf of Mexico comes into view:

P1040798 (640x480)

And a stop in Apalachicola was well worth the time.  Oysters, shrimp, crab, history … all in one easy stop.

P1040822 (640x472)P1040826 (640x478)P1040823 (640x466)P1040824 (640x472)P1040803 (640x479)P1040804 (640x473)P1040807 (640x478)P1040810 (640x479)

 Along Water Street is the River Walk, here we had lunch.  My oysters are a Cuban classic – jalapeño, cheese and bacon, and the crap cake the best yet!
P1040813 (640x480)P1040832 (640x480)

  Henderson Beach State Park had a spot for us!  Whew it’s been a long day.
P1040851 (640x473)P1040849 (640x479)
white sand, warm water, a sunset ... a perfect to a long day.

Next the long drive home begins …

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