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August 25, 2023

Tacos, Hillary and College Bound

Of course Marty follows the blog and my ratings of our ‘grilled’ fish tacos has him wanting to find the best ‘authentic’ fish taco.  To be an authentic fish taco, the fish would need to be beer battered and deep fried.

Rubio’s started the fish taco craze, by bringing the original San Felipe formula to the US.

Rubio’s also offers a very nice salsa bar.  There are three choices of heat in the spices, jalapenos and pico de gallo with cilantro and onions.  A nice touch.

I had my 2-taco plate made with their original fish taco and the grilled mahi.  Along with picante salsa, pico de gallo and a few extra jalapenos.

Rubio’s original taco was Marty's instant favorite!

We had to take him to the Royal Rooster.  Fran and I enjoyed our grilled fish while Marty raved over the more authentic fried fish taco.

We also split a 50/50 basket.  That is a nice balance of fries and onion rings.  I have not their 'authentic' fish taco in so long that I really don't remember it, but the grilled is really good!

Of course we took him to Aquarius, where the weekday Happy Hour starts at 11 am.

He also had a carne asada taco.  The Aquarius does not offer an 'authentic' fish taco, but he was quite pleased with the grilled mahi.

For Taco Tuesday it would be hard to be beat the offerings at Off Shore.  Marty’s now favorite ‘authentic’ fish taco.

Insider tip:  Order just one taco, with black beans.  The beans are warm and cheesy with enough chips.  If two tacos are ordered they are served on the same sized plate and the chips are sacrificed.

And there is one thing he will not let us run out of is fresh salsa!  Almost daily he’s in the kitchen whipping some up.

The pan is lined with foil to prevent the sugars released from burning into the pan.

We received our first ever Tropical Storm Warning as Hurricane Hillary moved north.  The counter clockwise winds did bring us a nice sunset, that we enjoyed for the deck.

We were spared the fury fo Hillary, our only damage was a branch knocked off our Sweet Gum tree.

We had tickets to the Moonlight Theater's presentation of 42nd Street, but alas the performance was cancelled, for fear of what might have been.  Aj was disappointed as she wanted to ‘Dance in the Rain’.

At least Aj danced in the rain ... in her own back yard.

Cities east of us were hammered!  Palm Springs, Ocotillo, Borrego Springs, etc. all received their annual rainfall in just a couple hours.

The next day we had a nice lunch as both Aj and sister Kg head off to college.

I dropped Marty off at CBX this morning.  He’ll fly out of Tijuana and be spending a week in Mazatlán.  I’ll drop Fran off tomorrow as she heads to Dayton for a couple weeks.  I’m on my own for a bit of ‘Me Time’.  I have no plans at the moment as to how to spend it ... suggeations?

August 12, 2023

It’s Fogust in America’s Finest City

The same weather patterns that provide May Grey, No-Sky july and June Gloom continue.  We are now well into Fogust.

But we did get out a few times.  our first urban adventure was to the Liberty Station Art Walk

It’s interesting to see view the creations of talented folks.

Repurposed surfboards

Portraits made by painting with coffee

I let Fran wander a bit more, while I settled into the Beer Garden to catch a couple of the 12 bands scheduled to perform

My brother Marty, with wife Juanita, drove down from Tacoma for a visit.  Juanita went on to the Mazatlán area, flying out of the Cross Border Express.

However, Marty came bearing gifts.

And he helps with not only my yard work, but also the neighbors’.

For his efforts we took him to the W.O.W. Café on the OB Pier for a fish taco.  He'll have a say in his favorite fish taco as we explore. 


With the extended overcast we have yet to see a Green Flash.  But the Café shows off a few as seen from the Pier.

With all the original trailers removed from De Anza Cove the construction fencing has been removed. 

My walking goal for this blog was to check it out.

The walkway along the water is now clearly marked as a public multi-use trail.

Although the sinkhole has not been filled, it now has a secure permanent fence around it and a widened path.

The porta-potties in the public area have been replaced with portable restrooms.  Real flush toilets and running water!

The gate at the southwest corner of the RV park park has been removed.

This is to allow for a public multi-use path along Rose Creek, albeit with less privacy/security for the RV park guests.

Fencing on the northwest has also been removed to allow the public path to continue.  At least there is now a nice dog run in that corner.

Along with a picnic table.

Almost all of the old homesites in the ‘Odd’ numbered section (family section) have been turned into additional guest parking (FHU RV sites).

Fran and I had a home in the ‘Even’ numbered section (adult section).  These sites are not yet developed and our old site is now a fenced in gravel lot!

I have no idea what that’s about, but it required the removal of our avocado tree :)

The knee is healing well, but still makes an irksome pop as I step of the left leg.  Going up stairs is fine, stepping on the leg is fine.  But releasing the pressure as in going down stairs is still quite troublesome.  Doc says the x-rays look fine ….

Marty will return to Tacoma for a long week and Fran go to Ohio for 3 weeks and Juanita will return the fist week of Sept.  I’ll let you what kind of trouble I get into unsupervised in the next posting.