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February 19, 2024

Not the month we expected ...

This will be a short post, a lot going on, but not much of it bloggable. 

The calm before the storm.  De Anza Cove the day before the rain began.

At least the rain allowed us to visit Bobby daily at UC Medical.  He spent 12 days there, half of which were in the ICU.  

While Bobby was at  UC Medical Fran’s sister, Susan, fell and dislodged the rod placed in her broken femur.  She had her repair surgery at Kaiser Zion.  Another place to visit.

While she was at Kaiser Zion, Bobby was transferred to Kearny Convalescent.  Convenient for us to visit daily.  After a week of physical therapy a friend flew out to drive him and Aleida back to Denver.

During this same time Susan was transferred to Stanford Convalescent n Santee. Not real convenient to us, but a visit is always good.  She’s in great spirits and will be there for a couple weeks to ensure she’ll be safe and not fall again.

Be fore we had an opportunity to visit Susan, Fran had a MOHS surgery at Scripps Mercy in Hillcrest.  That's 5 hospitals in 2 weeks!

Check out the size of that biopsy crater!

We were out of there in time for a late lunch.  Not sure where to go as Hillcrest has such limited parking.  We enjoyed Jimmy Carter’s with Gay and Joe a few weeks ago and decided to return there.

At a nice booth by the window I enjoyed a Taco Salad with a Margarita while Fran chose a tostada.

Fran will have her stitches out in a couple more weeks.  Her doctor said not to go swimming or wash dishes before then.  She's milking that!, my fingernails are spotlessly clean :)

After another visit with Susan we were ready for lunch.  There’s good Mexican places in Santee.  But Aleida has been cooking for 2 weeks and we chose Jimmy Carter’s Cantina just a couple days earlier.  So we headed into ocean Beach for burgers.  Hodads of course!

I typically order the mini-bacon-cheese burger with grilled onions with fries.  Fran a hamburger.  We split the fries and still take some home.

If you go to Hodads pay attention to the menu.  It offers an all you can eat option $99.95 and an extensive wine list “Red, White, or Pink”.

February is a great time to be a resident senior in San Diego.  All the museums in Balboa Park offer at least 50% admission discounts.  Some are even FREE!  Although the zoo is not free, their Wild Animal Park is.  We’re looking forward for an opportunity to take advantage of some of the senior offerings … once it stops raining!