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September 09, 2015

Niagara Falls – a day trip from 4-Mile Creek State Park

The short hope from Erie, PA to Niagara Falls passes through Buffalo NY, the home of the Anchor Bar – the original Buffalo Wings (aka chicken wings; hot wings; wings etc.).  The flavor and craze started at the Anchor Bar.
IMG_6989 (640x447)IMG_6990 (640x472)

We took a camp site 15 miles north of the city of Niagara at Four Mile Creek State Park.  A New York State Park on the shores of Lake Ontario
IMG_6994 (640x480)IMG_6997 (640x465)

An easy 20 minute drive to the RV parking lot on Goat Island.  We got there early to be sure to get a space … guess we could have slept in Smile
IMG_7001 (640x470)

From there we chose to follow the river east toward the falls rather than ride the tram west into town.  This made it an easy way to enjoy all the attractions along the river and use the tram for the ride back.  It’s a pretty easy walk to the Maid of the Mist, including taking in the views from the Three Sister Islands.
IMG_7015 (640x468)IMG_7020 (640x479)IMG_7027 (640x471)IMG_7012 (640x480)

The chance to get below the falls is the highlight for many.  Boat rides are available from either the US or Canadian side.  It’s a way to get down low and experience the rush and power of the falls.
 IMG_7032 (640x480)IMG_7035 (640x479)IMG_7042 (640x480)IMG_7047 (640x474)

It’s a short walk across the Rainbow Bridge to the Canadian side.  Be prepared to have 50 cents US (US quarters only) for the return toll.  We were hungry and selected the Secret Garden for lunch. 
P1040295 (640x477)P1040304 (640x479)

And look at the gardens!  Why does the US side look so drab in comparison?
P1040305 (640x479)P1040318 (640x480)

An excellent choice but what’s with mayonnaise with fries?
P1040326 (640x479)IMG_7065 (640x460)

The Secret Garden is not just good food, but a fun place to eat.
IMG_7067 (640x480)P1040329 (640x478)
IMG_7079 (479x640)

However before we could continue the adventure the skies opened and shelter was needed. 
P1040322 (640x471)

Tired and cold we called it a day … and took the shuttle back to the RV.

Finger Lakes next ….

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