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May 20, 2013

Mount Palomar

A boondocking trip to the Observatory Campground on Mount Palomar.  This is a test to see how long electric and water will last under normal usage in a somewhat controller locale.
OCG1 (640x480)

Did not expect the return of the poison oak to be the first vegetation to be back after the fire a year ago.  It’s not only along the trail but climbing thru the huckleberry bushes.
Lo3-1 (640x480)Lo3-4 (640x480)

and in abundance along the trails wherever the sun comes thru.  But not all ‘leaves of three’ are evil.  Lots of wild strawberries too along the trails.
Lo3-5 (640x480)Lo3-9 (640x480)

Set up in site 40 that had it’s own telescope pad on the west side of the campground.  Altho not a perfect view to the eastern sky it was great for this weekend
OCG2 (640x480)OGC3 (640x480)

There’s also a nice 2 mile trail to the main observatory from the campground.
IMG_3542 (640x480)IMG_3546 (640x480)

IMG_3553 (640x480)OGC5 (640x480)

OOPS - the batteries ran out ...

This is a fun local area, quiet campground on Mount Palomar.  For the RV the east approach is much easier Smile.  Coming up the grade from Escondido was ok but steep!

As for boondocking … 3 days are easy on the batteries, but ran out of water!