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September 26, 2015

Oak Alley Plantation–River Road, Louisiana

Oak Alley Plantation
P1050048 (640x480)P1050074 (640x471)

Oak Alley Plantation, which is located on the west bank of the Mississippi River, is named for the double row of southern live oak trees.  This avenue runs between the home and the Mississippi River.
P1050063 (640x480)P1050064 (640x479)

The tour within the house is guided by knowledge docents every 20 minutes.  They do keep the flow smooth with an attempt to limit the number of guests in each group.  P1050055 (640x467)P1050059 (640x480)

The slave barracks homes have been realistically reconstructed in their original locations.
P1050082 (640x480)P1050084 (640x471)

Other Plantation options along our portion of the Mississippi River Road include:

San Francisco Planation
P1050044 (640x477)P1050045 (640x479)

A beautiful ornate building, but located in the mist of a Marathon Petroleum plant.  Not the best backdrop for outdoor photos and indoor photos are not allowed.  So at $17 each and no photos we chose not stay.  A sign of the change in times from when sugar cane ‘white gold’ was king.  Now it’s oil ‘black gold’ that’s king.

Laura Plantation
This Creole plantation should be a good stop next time we are in the area.  It is the creole influence that provides much of the flavor of Louisiana.

St Joseph Plantation
There was a movie production taking place and we were not allowed entry.  This looks like a beautiful setting and is adjacent to Oak Alley.  Lots of sugar cane fields.
P1050088 (640x474)

Another treat on the River Road is crossing the Mississippi River not once, like taking I-10, but thrice on steep narrow bridges that are high enough to clear any thing that can float!
IMG_7404 (640x473)IMG_7408IMG_7395 (640x470)IMG_7398

Texas tomorrow …

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