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July 10, 2014

July 2014–Homeward Bound


Just beyond Woodinville, across the Sammamish Slough is DoM’s old house.  Many fond memories of DoM and the trips to visit every fall.  Then a stop to celebrate the 4th with DoM at her final resting place.  On a trip to the cemetery with DoM to visit other relatives and my brother Randy – who shares her site - her headstone was in place without the second date.  She mentioned for her birthday she’d like the other date.  That wish was granted on her 86 birthday.  RIP DoM!

When I got my first car I’d make the trip on old 2-lane potholed blacktop along Lake Sammamish to visit Boehm's in Issaquah.  Haven’t been back since the last trip with DoM to Gilman Village.  There’s now a major road off the freeway to Snoqualmie Falls.  Too many TV sets (including Twin Peaks, The Vanishing, etc) too many people and too much money have turned the Cougar Wilderness into Cougar Park and condos.  But it sure makes the drive shorter!
 1188IMG_4407 (640x359)
A pear pizza was a treat at the Salish Lodge with a view of the falls from the table in the Attic.
IMG_4413 (640x359)1195

Into Tacoma for a couple days with my brother and family.  Some of the clan was able to make dinner on the waterfront at Johnny’s Seafood Company where J is working.  Good food, good wine, great views.

Last day before heading home at Point Defiance Park.
IMG_4474 (640x359)IMG_4475 (640x338)

Time to depart, but wanting to linger a bit longer on a beautiful day, a side trip to the Mt St Helens Observatory seemed appropriate.
P1010353 (640x480)P1010361 (640x480)
P1010369 (640x480)P1010356 (640x480)

Dayton OR, settled for the night at an RV park in the Willamette Valley wine country.  More tasting rooms than Starbucks – over 300 wineries!
P1010384 (640x480)P1010395 (640x480)
P1010396 (640x480)P1010398 (640x480)
P1010400 (640x480)P1010404 (640x480)

I will not cross the Siskiyou at night – too pretty in summer, too dangerous in winter.  Stopped outside of Medford OR at the Rogue River for the night.
P1010409 (640x480)P1010415 (640x480)

After Lake Shasta again on off the freeway.  Stopped for the final night on the shores of the Sacramento River.
P1010421 (640x480)P1010424 (640x480)

Home, and planning the next trip … Vegas Baby!

July 03, 2014

July 2014 - Jackson Marlow


After an excellent drive north, biking a few trails along the way.   It's time for Jackson Marlow the main reason this trip was made.

Jack loves the park, particularly playing in the dirt.  This boy is all boy - anything to do with dirt, trucks, rocks, sticks, water are his main interests.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention food, a snack with dirt!  A day at Flower World and Malty Produce Market might have been more fun for the adults, but Jake gainfully made his own fun with his snack and a mole hill, and water, and rocks and turtles.

But Jack did have his way before leaving.  The car was parked in an end slot with a spot just large enough for a SCORE truck race.  And Jack was back in his own world.

A visit to beautiful old town Snohomish which has a nice parkway along the river, antique stores, a distillery and pies!

I have to say one of Jack’s favorite things was the walk down to the local park.  For him it was the destination, altho the journey via the greenbelt behind the house wasn’t so bad either.  With wild huckleberries, raspberries, salmon berries and sticks along the shaded path.
IMG_4395 (640x359)IMG_4392 (640x359)
IMG_4390 (640x359)IMG_4397 (640x359)

The wineries of Woodinville are nearby.  On the morning before the invasion of the remaining grandparents we took a tour of my favorite.

And they came - the clan in one place.  Grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends.  We feasted on pulled port from the green-egg in the back yard, salads, corn, veggies and pie.


Despite car troubles the Tacoma clan made it up, but needed a lift home.  Jack needed to pull out the tools to make sure the rest of the cars were in good shape.  -  where he got that idea, nobody knows!

With the influx of guests, gave up the prime parking in front of the house for an end spot at Lakeside RV Park a few miles away.  Altho the sites are not all that generous, it is a nice park that met all the requirements … would stay here again.

Beach Day at Marina Beach Park in Edmonds.  Lots of rocks to teach to swim (Jack will throw anything he can lift into water), driftwood to organize, colorful play equipment of all kinds - this place is great and with it’s limited parking not real crowded.

Sorry to leave so soon, Lori really knows how to provide a warm welcome and an enjoyable stay. And Jackson provided all the entertainment required.

Hugs and tears and promises, and off to Tacoma – via the scenic route of course!