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May 19, 2019

May is Maritime Month in San Diego

The Port of San Diego has continuous events throughout May as part of their Maritime Month. We spent the first of the month in San Felipe and while we are not into a lot of the pay-to-view events at the waterfront this month, we did take advantage of a FREE  ‘history’  cruise on San Diego Bay.  It was sponsored, and narrated, by the Port of San Diego.

The cruise was from Pier 1 on the north end of the Embarcadero on the Admiral  Hornblower. For reference Pier 1 is north of the Maritime Museum.

Waterfront Park Is directly across Harbor Drive, which is hosting a major music festival.  It’s about 10AM and the music has begun, as has the booze, I presume.

Of more interest is the ‘Fisherman’s Market’  taking place on the old ‘Tuna Dock’.

Another member of the Hornblower fleet zips past us on its Big Bay tour.  I've blogged that tour before HERE.

The Inspiration Hornblower is doing a Brunch Cruise.  A slow trip with food and adult beverages; hmmm ….

I did take pictures on the cruise, but it was really somewhat lame.  The Port of San Diego narrator only covered the history of the now defunct tuna fleet and the present and future of the naval presence in San Diego Bay.  I was hoping for some info on Cabrillo, real history! … not this time. We did return to the Tuna Docks to see what was there.

Fresh fish? Oh yeah – fresh and plentiful. 

I could make a lot of fish tacos out of the smallest offerings.

We are now madly focusing on prepping for our summer Road Trip.  In 2019 we’ll visit the Canadian Rockies and Glacier on our way to Ohio.  The house sitters will be here June 7th and we’ll be on the road ~4 months on June 9th.

Fran found this movie on Amazon ‘The Far Green Country’, included with Prime.  “White shores, and beyond, a far green country under a swift sunrise.” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

I’d recommend it to any/all full timers, especially those traveling with children.  It’s funny, it’s happy, it’s sad, and it’s honest to a fault.  I get the impression Fran is not ready to rent the house and hit the road!

We’ve had No Bad Days! I trust, your week was great too!

May 14, 2019

San Felipe - with Flat Stanley

With Cinco de Mayo over, Stanley and I watched some of the Stanley Cup Playoff games.  We were both cheering for Boston against Columbus.

We had plans to join Fran’s brother, Bobby, in San Felipe to help ‘summerize’ his Beach House. We typically cross the border at the Calexico-West crossing.  This is the same crossing where we enjoyed the company of the local police, until $20 US allowed us to continue on our way.

To be certain I am always, ALWAYS, selected for Secondary Inspection when entering Mexico.  I tow a trailer with the quad, which requires proof of registration and ownership.

Typically this takes a few minutes, but not this time!  After 45 minutes of questions, inspections, which included taking all the items out of my truck, then replacing them, we were on our way.  I did learn a few things – there is a limit of 6 liters/person of alcohol allowed to be brought in.  Not only are guns forbidden, so are bullets.  Cash, or the ability to raise over 10,000 USD must be declared … Who Knew???  Who Can???  We cleared all and were eventually on our way.

Fran’s brother Bobby is married to a Mexican with dual US/Mexican citizenship.  I was thinking the entire time “Where’s Aleida when we need her?”, Well Aleida was with Bobby having their trailer in x-ray, sniffed by dogs, etc.  They were in secondary, for the first time!, for 4 hours!  ARG!

Back on the road, it is ‘left; left; right’ out of the new Rio Nuevo crossing to reach the familiar Mexico 5 to San Felipe.  We did that correct this time!

Welcome to San Felipe!

The San Felipe Arches mark the entrance into town.  The San Felipe Road remains in good, not great, condition.

We arrived in time for Stanley to enjoy a sunset beach on the quad.  Bobby and I set the tire (under the right handlebar about 15 years ago.  It served as a low tide anchor for a boat he once had.  At low tide now it’s at least 100’ from low tide!  We are losing a lot of beach!

Oh-My-Gosh we awoke to a spectacular sunrise!  … and it just got better.  This is likely the best week of weather we have spent in San Felipe - mid- 70 with only a mild wind.

Shell Beach was nearly devoid of shells a year ago, but the shells are starting to comeback.  Mostly clam shells, there was also a nice selection of periwinkle, snail

Fran looking for some unusual shells for decorations.

This is a nice picture of what could be found back-in-the-day before Shell Beach was ‘discovered’.

The Bahia Santa Maria north course is a long series of sand traps.  Not easy but fun, as seen on the smiles of Fran and her brother.  What’s not to like about sand and the beach?
Well this is not to like … Andrew (new to SF mud) is from Oceanside CA and tried to turn his bike in the San Felipe mud, right in front of the Beach House.  STUCK!  Major mud stuck.
I had some 200’ of rope and a neighbor had a 4x4 Razor.  Eventually a very muddy bike was dragged to safety.

And then to our back patio, where we have a hose and outside shower.  Both Andrew and his ride were eventually cleaned up.

Neighbor David is from Spain, and with his mother here this trip, cooked up a big pot of paella for their last day.   Bobby and Fran are looking over the massive pot of shrimp, chicken, sausage, with veggies and rice.  David has done the paella before, but this time his mom brought the rice from Spain and it was indeed exceptional!
Although not a ‘crested’ cordon, this cordon does have an alien face!

May 04, 2019

Cinco de Mayo - with Flat Stanley

Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of the defeat of the French by the peasants of  La Puebla on May 5, 1862.  Although not a big celebration in Mexico, it is likely the best known celebration in the US.

Flat Stanley is a paper cutout of the main character of the children’s books of the same name.  It provides a means for elementary school students to learn more about different places and cultures.

Here Flat Stanley is learning about ”A Perfect Red” of cochineal bug found in cactus of the desert southwest.  I’ve had fun in previous posts extracting the red dye, one is HERE.

We entered Old Town near the stables where Stanley had a great time playing on the covered wagon.

I had fun sharing some early San Diego history, where the first prison escapee was Roy Bean (later known as Judge Roy Bean – The Law West of the Pecos).  This while his brother Joshua Bean was the San Diego mayor.

A carshow was staged along a side street.  There were some heavily modified cars at the show where Stanley waited in line for a free chicken wings sample.

YUM!  Recharged with spicy wings!

Past the cars, just beyond the wings, were some beautiful bikes on display.

Perry is a docent at the La Casa de Estudillo.  She was pleased to give Stanley a tour.  Last week she gave her grand-daughter’s Flat Bella a tour.  Stanley has not yet read Ramona, but this house is where the wedding takes place.

Like me, Stanley is a fan of the Tejano music movement that Selena started.

What a thrill!  The San Diego Chicken took Stanley for a short walk.

Time for a break in the shade before heading over to the main stage entertainment. We shared the fish tacos.

Fiesta de Reyes main stage is where the best of the music and dancing is being performed.   Nice spot in front of the stage.j

Lots of action on the main stage, but it’s more fun backstage, where Stanley meets up with some of upcoming dancers. 

And a few girls more his age. I had a little trouble getting him to leave this cutie!

The Old Town Market often has live music, a duet was in order … what a ham!

But what makes this venue unique on Cinco de Mayo is mural behind the stage, which depicts the battle of Puebla .  At the right of the mural are the peasants pushing the riflemen of the French back, as the mounted cavalry and canons of the French attempt to regroup.

Refer to my post on Chicano Park for more on Aztlan the original home of the Aztec peoples.  Perhaps the Aztec king …

And his daughter …

California is named after Queen Califia perhaps this is her ….

What’s next for Stanley?  We’re heading to San Felipe next week and he’d like to tagalong.