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June 17, 2021

June Gloom - Finally sunshine!

The May Gray stepped right into June Gloom without missing a beat.  More of the dismal gray skies for the first two weeks of June and then … SUMMER!  Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Dayz of Summer!  It’s 80 F. on the beach and 116 in Borrego.  Skipped right past Spring.

Our only outings since the last blog are a couple bike rides around Mission Bay.  Nothing really blog worthy, except to mention the Mission Bay Dump Station is again open and the OB Pier is being repaired.

Fran lost a crown from one of her molars, so we were once again off to Washington Dental Clinic in Tijuana.  The western pedestrian crossing, PedWest, remains closed.  Thus, the east crossing at San Ysidro, is taking the full load of foot traffic.

It’s an easy crossing and we are waived thru immigration with no paperwork.  That’s a nice change.

It’s fun to tell the cabdriver we want to go to Washington D.C.  They all get the play on words and know the location.

I’ve blogged the dental facility a couple times already (HERE), but there are a few changes.

Streaming movies in English are still offered, as is free, very, usable WiFi and a fridge of beverages.  However, the Fanta now has a warning “No recomendable en ninos’; “Exceso Calorias”; Exceso Azucares”.  Too much calorie and sugar intake for kids, but served at the dentist office.  Hmm, we'll stick with water.

And their hand sanitizer contains hemp oil.  Yes, personal Marijuana is now permitted in Mexico, but cannot be transported across the border in either direction.  I Had to try the sanitizer to see if the ICE border dogs might notice.  They didn’t care.

Across the street from the dental office is the former Jai Alai Palace, which is now a music/cultural venue.  

Adjacent to the palace is Tia Juana Tilly’s, a nice place to enjoy a margarita with Fran, once her dental work is completed.


We took our time walking back to check out some of the renovated shops along the way.

A Hookah Lounge? 

On our return, we got a chuckle as outside the office was a wheelbarrow full of “dulces” – confectionary treats and sweets off all kinds.  

Washington DC provides a cab to return us to the border.  They pay for the cab to/from the border, another nice touch.  After about 3pm the border crossing line is shorter, but there are fewer border agents … it’s always a bit of a wait going north.

Today - June 15th, California officially relaxed its Covid and face mask restrictions!  The caveats are lengthy and confusing.  A more complete explanation is HERE, if you like to read the press release and limitations.

The county libraries have been open for a few weeks, while the city continues to keep its libraries closed.  It is possible to request books online and pick them up at one of the pickup libraries.  Our local library is completely closed, and the closest pickup location is the Pacific Beach Library.  This makes for a good excuse for a bike ride, and some days we choose to complete the loop around Mission Bay.

The view from the West Mission Bay Drive Bridge looking west toward Hospitality Point. 

This trip we stopped at the Seaforth Landing for an adult beverage.  It's nice to sit and be tourists once in awhile when the boardwalk is quiet.

On premise beer/wine was originally planned for the De Anza Revitalization, but alas the city reneged on that and failed to issue the required permits.  The Mission Bay Beach Club has become a snack bar and rental facility for beach toys.  :(

Grandgirl #1 graduated high school last week.  Congrats Kg!