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November 11, 2014

Shrimp Festival Details

How to count the days in San Felipe?  By the sunsets? by the sunrise? moonset? moonrise?  All are special and there was a full moon!  The full moon sucks most of the water out of Bahia Santa Maria and makes the star gazing a bit more of a challenge.
Sunset / Sunrise:
P1010727 (640x479)P1010701 (640x480)
Moonset / Moonrise:
P1010705 (640x479)P1010688 (640x479)

With the rising dawn the pangas and seiners head to port to get their fresh shrimp to market:
P1010715 (640x479)P1010706 (640x480)

The mornings are time to warm up to the day and forage for breakfast. The vultures spread their wings to allow the sun to warm there cold hearted bodies.  The pelicans begin their search and the osprey enjoys breakfast while another vulture circles for the left overs:
P1010856 (640x479)P1010718 (640x480)P1010739 (640x479)P1010734 (640x479)

But the high tide afternoons are lazy, a good time for a siesta.  The birds gather in large integrated groups.  The pelicans and gulls crowd on the sandbar on the Sea of Cortez while other gulls and the resident stork and heron enjoy  the calm of the back bay:
P1010746 (640x479)P1010744 (640x479)
P1010742 (640x479)P1010716 (640x479)

But this post is about the Festival!  There are artisans:
P1010775 (640x480)P1010779 (640x480)P1010792 (640x479)P1010793 (640x469)

There is tequila! and wine and muscatel:
P1010776 (640x470)P1010784 (640x480)P1010785 (640x478)P1010791 (640x479)

And toys, games and rides for the kids:
P1010823 (640x479)P1010824 (640x480)P1010826 (640x479)P1010821 (640x480)

Live entertainment throughout.  The Andean flutes were my favorite:
P1010804 (640x479)

Dang almost forgot there's shrimp!
Bacon wrapped (Costa Azul) always popular, Brocheta = shrimp on a stick
P1010796 (640x479)P1010800 (640x479)

Tamales are new this year and a very welcome addition!  Coconut or Philly cheese stuffed
P1010797 (640x479)P1010798 (640x479)

Tacos at every booth, with a bit of inflation!  Quesadilla looked good, too.
It's all about the shrimp!
P1010801 (640x479)P1010802 (640x479)

 or is it?
P1010754 (640x480)P1010758 (640x479)P1010818 (640x479)P1010817 (640x463)

My choice was 2x Costa Azul, 2x butterfly, salad, bread and Margarita for $10 and the Churros for dessert. 
P1010811 (640x405)

Leaving Monday was great.  Not only was Bahia Santa Maria was empty of gringos!  There were just a few crabs and clams for company.  Time to relax and sort some shrimp:
P1010853 (640x479)P1010855 (640x480)P1010846 (640x526)P1010858 (640x479)

A border wait of about an hour, compared to 3 on a Sunday.  Sure it’s good to be home, but I’ll take that Monday over this Tuesday anytime!

November 04, 2014

Shrimp Festival 2014

Although Rufus will not be along on this trip it is worth mentioning.  San Felipe is still a remote desert community on the Sea of Cortez.  The sea is one of the greatest salt water habitats in the world.   And this weekend we honor (and eat) the huge and delicious “azul” shrimp and enjoy the Festival del CamarĂ³n along the Malecon.

shrimpfest-2014 (640x278)

Pictures (and shrimp) to follow ….