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May 03, 2015

Silver Strand State Beach

A quick weekend trip to the Silver Strand just south of Coronado Island.  A few years ago Dr. Beach ranked Coronado Beach as #1 of all US beaches.   The camping area of the park is not much, it is a paved parking lot with water and electric for self contained units only.  And they are fairly tight spaces!  But the location, it's  hard to beat!

Not a beach person, not a bike person – you’d be better off elsewhere.  But if you’re looking for a spot on the ocean in SoCal it’s hard to beat!  Try to reserve a spot in the front row along the sand or an end site.  In the front easy access to the beach and a great view of the sunset.  End sites are a little less claustrophobic.

Tunnels connect the ocean front parking and campground with the bike path on the bayside.  Ride the bike up to the village of Coronado and wander thru The Del, or make a reservation for their Sunday brunch.   Or ride down to the evaporation pools and visit Imperial Beach.

So why put up with this congestion? … for this!
P1020515 (640x479)P1020522 (640x470)

A front row site allows for an unobstructed position on the beach.  Failing a front row spot we settled for an end spot on the 4th row.  A  The 2nd row is ok,but the 3rd is lame.  Weekends fill fast.
P1020513 (640x479)P1020514 (640x457)

P1020520 (640x466)P1020526 (640x477)

The Grandgirls Kg and Aj on the beach with dad Jay.  Is Aj excited? Oh yes!
P1020540 (640x480)P1020534 (640x480)

Lots of sail boats out for the 3rd day of the Yachting Cup this morning, as we pack up from the short weekend.
P1020529 (640x480)P1020533 (640x480)