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April 23, 2017

Earth Day 2017

The San Diego County sponsored cleanup projects this Earth Day are either in East County or South Bay, not in my ‘hood’ of Mission Bay or Tecolote.  Hence, this year I’ll cleanup my own little section of the earth at home in Bay Park

The deck has needed to be restained, which is an easy project with a big visual return.  Clearing the furniture off the deck and breaking out the power washer gets my motivation going to finish this project.  As the deck dries I picked up two gallons of Cabot Spanish Moss deck stain at Dixieline Lumber.
P1070142 (1280x958)P1070145 (1280x960)P1070146 (1280x960)P1070147 (1280x960)

I’ll continue with the never ending project of weeding the vegetable garden and then mow the lawn to complete my Earth Day projects.

Sunday was EarthFair 2017 in Balboa Park, which always draws a crowd and a variety of interest groups.
P1070155 (1280x959)P1070153 (1280x959)

P1070160 (1280x944)P1070171 (1280x943)

Altho there are Vegan and Vegetarian groups present, the Food Court is serving up (expensive) dogs and burgers.
P1070176 (1280x948)P1070178 (1280x960)
P1070170 (1280x958)P1070194

San Diego Chapter of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence  -  “More is More”! 
Short Stop Khalil Green, of our San Diego Padres, was a member of the Bahá'í Faith
P1070174 (1280x960)P1070179 (1280x955)

A couple of our local naturalist groups were recruiting new members.  I’ve had the ‘pleasure’ of running across the Hiking Bares a couple times on Coyote Creek.  It is not the nature I was there to find.

A do it yourself mural lined the walkway by the Prado, with live Polynesian entertainment.  Each weekend a different culture performs in the International Village.
P1070175 (1280x960)P1070187

This fella was a one-man didgeridoo band.  The music vibrated throughout the Prado.
P1070172 (1280x959)P1070246

 There were several electric cars on display but this Tesla Roadster captured the show.
The biggest single section contained the Cannabis booths, they also had the biggest stage.   All types of soaps, skin lotions, clothing, but no open sales of vaping supplies ... but the smell was unmistakable … at a family event.
P1070157 (1280x959)P1070197

Of course there was a parade, it would not have been right not to have one.

The Drummers Without Borders were my favorite.  What the kids lacked in talent they more than made up for with enthusiasm.

Pack Sand Sedona!  We have twisted trees too!
P1070152 (1280x959)P1070248

I’m sure these signs are meant for the current administration, but could extend to many in public positions.

April 15, 2017

Yosemite 4 - the Mist Trail

The Mist Trail has to be one of the most popular hikes in Yosemite.  Expect lots of company at least to the top of Vernal Falls, but from there the crowds all but disappear.  The map shows a nice clockwise loop, but we’ll face the winter trail closures.
IMG_3092 (1280x960)P1060999 (1280x942)

As we again cross the bridge over the Merced River at Happy Isles Kg snaps a picture of one of the ‘happy islands’.
IMG_3538 (1280x957)

The trail will show off several ephemeral falls and a brief glimpse of the shy Illilouette Falls.
P1060975 (1280x959)P1060982 (1280x958)

This section of the trail is wide and paved to the footbridge below Vernal Falls.
IMG_3552 (960x1280)IMG_3555 (960x1280)IMG_3562 (960x1280)

From the footbridge it’s a quarter mile to the 600 + steps of the Mist Trail.
P1070007 (1280x939)P1070009 (1280x960)P1070026 (960x1280)

The top of Vernal Falls makes a good lunch stop, even tho we are only about a quarter thru today’s hike.
IMG_3566 (960x1280)IMG_3574 (1280x960)IMG_3575 (960x1280)

Kg captured this video from the top of Vernal Falls:

Kg the musician and Aj the cross country runner find no issue with the steps nor altitude.  Jay the bicyclist and Fran the tennis player are able to pace them.  Kami and I took our time and got to see the rainbow – ha to those who ‘feel the need for speed’.  PB&J sandwiches/burritos make a nice refreshing lunch.
P1070017 (1280x960)P1070033 (1280x956)

Above Vernal Falls is the Emerald Pool and a tempting water slide of the Silver Apron that flows into it.
IMG_3581 (1280x943)

Kg captured this video of the Silver Apron as it flows into the Emerald Pool:


The Mist Trail beyond the Emerald Pool is closed and we take the John Muir Trail up, and up, and up, to Clark Point.  The switch backs on this section allow many great views to Nevada Falls or back down to Vernal Falls.
IMG_3594 (1280x958)IMG_0355 (661x1280)

P1070065 (1280x959)IMG_3595 (1280x960)

After taking inventory of reserves both mental and physical at Clark Point we turn down toward the snow field on the John Muir Trail skipping the selfies on the foot bridge at Nevada Falls.
P1070094 (1280x960)P1070096 (1280x941)

P1070097 (1280x959)

Meanwhile back at camp … Aj who limped in yesterday has her native shelter finished!
P1070120 (1280x960)P1070121 (1280x960)

Complete with welcome sign, fire ring and her prized bow and arrow.
P1070122 (1280x960)P1070123 (1280x960)
P1070124 (1280x960)

During our final night in the valley it rains.  The hanging mist and fog makes for some interesting views that Ansel Adams might like.  We exit the park on 140 toward Merced.  Wildcat Falls is spectacular but we do not tarry long, arriving back at the Walmart camping lot in Bakersfield in time for dinner.
P1070134 (1280x943)P1070139 (1280x960)

This completes my blog entries on our week in Yosemite Valley.