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October 23, 2017

Borrego Springs - 52nd Annual Borrego Days

The Borrego Days Festival is an annual event in late October as an official kick-off to the tourist/snowbird season.  We’ve been to quite a few and I’ve put a couple on the blog.  The formula is the same – a fly-over, a parade and food/fun/entertainment in Christmas Circle.  So why do we come back?  Although the formula is pretty much the same, each parade is different and this year it coincides with Nightfall and the Orionid Meteor Shower.  I curled up with a fleece about 2:30 in the morning to watch for meteors.  More on the Nightfall Star Party in a coming post.
IMG_5927 (1280x959)

This is a silly picture, but it was taken during the National Anthem, notice that none is sitting or protesting – we are all standing with our hearts covered as a high school gal knocks it out of the park – acapella!  A nice change from pro-football.
IMG_5920 (1280x913)

The local American Legion always leads the parade as the official color guard and riders.
IMG_5926 (1280x960)IMG_5930 (1280x959)

Followed by a fly over.  There were 12 aircraft this year, this bi-plane has been here before to lead the others.  But new this year is the final plane – low, fast, loud, blowing smoke and setting off all the car alarms!  Awesome touch!  He is so welcome back!
IMG_5931 (1280x926)IMG_5932 (1280x925)

The local arts are doing OZ, nice float anyway. 
IMG_5935 (1280x959)

Seems Holtville is here every year, they’re not just known for the Carrot Festival – they have a decent high school band.  The local high school has a restored fire truck.
IMG_5936 (1280x959)IMG_5946 (1280x958)

The X-Games Gold Medalist in Street Luge, Stuart Edmondson, comes down the hill showing his speed.
IMG_5942 (1280x956)IMG_5922 (1280x957)

This young girl is a new equestrian rider joining the growing number of horses.
IMG_5943 (1280x939)

Last year’s Miss Borrego has passed her crown to the new queen seen along with her court on the following float.
IMG_5951 (1280x922)IMG_5953 (1280x959)

On the west end of The Mall is a new-to-me ceramic mural.  A lot of work went into this and it is indeed worth a look.
IMG_5948 (1280x957)IMG_5949 (1280x935)

The events at Christmas Circle provide food and entertainment through the day.
IMG_5954 (1280x945)IMG_5955 (1280x959)
IMG_5959 (1280x960)IMG_5969 (1280x943)

And the car show and shine.  I have no use for a Cadillac La Salle, but it is a beauty – now an Alpha …. I'd drive that home.
IMG_5970 (1280x943)IMG_5971 (1280x944)
IMG_5972 (1280x959)IMG_5973 (1280x952)

Another silly picture but I spent a few hours last weekend putting this radiator into the Jeep.  Just look at all that shine!  It's a thing of beauty!
IMG_5974 (1280x939)

The official ground breaking on the new Borrego Springs County Library was held in the early afternoon.
IMG_5961 (1280x959)IMG_5962 (1280x939)

The new library will be directly across the street from the post office.  The existing library is on east end of the Mall in the left of this picture.  It will look like the model below.  Wish we could get a new library Sad smile!
IMG_5963 (1280x945)IMG_5965 (1280x907)

During the public input period I suggested that citrus trees would provide shade and fruit.  I received a brief that essentially said “NO!” … “ the water and maintenance requirements are cost prohibitive."

IMG_5964 (1280x944)IMG_5981 (1280x950)

With the toss of the dirt construction has begun!  …. sans citrus trees.

October 20, 2017

Burk’s Bench - Borrego Springs

With Nightfall and Borrego Days falling on the same weekend as the Orionid Meteor Shower, there was no need to pick a single event when we could do them all!

I have the The Springs at Borrego Newsletter via email and right on the front page is Burk’s Bench.  The Bench is located between Font’s and Inspiration Washes.  The approach from the Inspiration Wash is much longer but also a lot easier.  Having never tried an approach from Font’s Wash before and with the crowds expected this weekend all looking for a new experience, we decide to go early the next morning.
Photo from San Diego Reader

For an overnight we often use the Peg Leg Smith open camping area.  It certainly does not offer as much room as what remains available at Clark Dry Lake, but it’s just fine for us.  At first light we are ready to head out following the directions from the newsletter and the Reader.
IMG_5867 (1280x960)IMG_5871 (1280x957)

We found the small wash a 1.2 miles from S-22 and started up.
IMG_5873 (1280x960)IMG_5874 (1280x958)

This wash quickly peters out and we seek higher ground to get an idea of where we are.  The correct one was the one just before mile 1.2 on our odometer.
IMG_5877 (1280x959)IMG_5876 (1280x960)

With a bit of zoom we see the destination a bit to north west of where we are.
IMG_5875 (1280x953)IMG_5878 (1280x959)

As the newsletter mentions the approach is indeed steep.  Be sure to sign the guest book found under the bench if you make this hike.
IMG_5881 (1280x954)IMG_5882 (1280x960)
IMG_5885 (1280x910)IMG_5884 (1280x960)

And are the views as good as those at Font’s Point?  Be the judge yourself.
IMG_5883 (1280x959)IMG_5887 (1280x943)
IMG_5888 (1280x960)IMG_5889 (1280x931)

We decide to take the easy way down into Inspiration Wash and then bushwhack back to the Jeep making a loop rather than an out-n-back.
IMG_5890 (1280x958)IMG_5891 (1280x959)
IMG_5894 (1280x959)IMG_5897 (1280x959)

The entrance to use from Inspiration Wash is fairly easy to find.  And at this point we are nearly back to S22.  It was too easy to just walk back to the road and then up Font’s Wash.  More fun and with a bit of a challenge to use a bit of dead reckoning.
IMG_5899 (1280x960)

No worries we made it and deserve a fun lunch.  Kesling’s Kitchen has been getting some good reviews so we wanted to give it a try.  They have advertised a Roadrunner and Cactus Pizza. “Breast of roadrunner, nopales cactus, ranchera sauce, habanero jack cheese, crema, micro cilantro.
IMG_5902 (1280x959)RoadRunner Pizza

Looks just like the advertisement, and George – this pizza does bring the heat!  The habanero jack is an awesome touch ... OK so it's really chicken breast, still a very different and tasty pizza.

IMG_5904 (1280x960)

Nightfall is biggest Star Party in Borrego, it starts today but it will have its own post.