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September 11, 2015

Finger Lakes N.Y.

We had the most welcome invite to spend the Labor Day weekend with friends at their cabin on Seneca Lake, in the midst of the Finger Lakes wine trail.  Anne calls it ‘camping with amenities’, but I call it awesome!  The ‘campsite’ is below Climbing Bines, a welcome microbrew in the mist of vineyards.
IMG_7083 (640x480)IMG_7084 (640x478)

Even our little RV was too big for the final decent to park at the lake, but we were able to park at a spot a few yards up the hill near the gravel pit Smile

IMG_7085 (640x480)IMG_7089 (640x480)

The cabin on the lake was great and our hosts the best possible.
IMG_7090 (640x478)IMG_7305 (640x480)IMG_7237 (640x480)IMG_7206 (640x474)

The must ToDo while in the area was Watkins Glen, a series of waterfalls carved into the shale, about 3 miles bottom to top and back.
IMG_7097 (640x467)IMG_7096 (640x473)
IMG_7110 (640x480)IMG_7122 (640x452)
IMG_7111 (479x640)IMG_7117 (479x640)IMG_7119 (480x640)

There’s ~1500 foot elevation change on this route, and worth every step.
IMG_7146 (640x479)IMG_7163 (640x472)
IMG_7171 (452x640)IMG_7174 (480x640)IMG_7175 (474x640)

And of course there are those vineyards.  Being a red wine drinker from CA the eastern red wines are not as dry as I would like.  But the white wines are world class.
IMG_7256 (640x480)IMG_7200 (640x479)

Climbing Bines Fest 2 was also over Labor Day weekend.  The celebration does draw a nice local following, a good sign for future events.
IMG_7215 (640x467)IMG_7216 (640x477)IMG_7223 (640x465)IMG_7230 (640x479)

And a trip to the lake needs a boat ride out past the ‘sonar test station‘ operated by the USN.
IMG_7272 (640x464)IMG_7275 (640x473)IMG_7282 (640x479)IMG_7291 (640x466)

Gotta work with the water hazards and even the putt is not all that easy after the swim to the green
IMG_7325 (640x479)

Our hosts sent us off in a spectacular fashion with smores over the fire and a private fireworks display.
IMG_7340 (640x475)IMG_7344 (640x425)IMG_7346 (640x480)IMG_7347 (640x480)

Outer Banks next ….

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