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June 18, 2014

About Rufus

A Lynx Rufus is a Bobcat.  On the first trip to Anza Borrego a dog toy was discovered behind/under the kitchen cabinets.  Although more of a squeaky tiger than a bobcat, there are not many tigers in the Laguna Mountains, but a fair number of Bobcats.   So we decided to name the new RV Rufus (it also provides a 'roof for us', something we have not had before).

Rufus is a 2009 Fleetwood Pulse 24A
powered by a 6 cylinder Mercedes diesel on a Sprinter frame.  It’s a great touring/traveling unit with reasonable mileage (15+ mpg overall) with fairly well supported and reliable components.  But it can only be serviced at a Mercedes dealer, or a specialty shop.  In San Diego we have a selection of both.

The floor plan allows for a large living space and bathroom and big windows (having big windows on the passenger’s side was required and not all that common) and there is no need for us to have a permanent bed.  Obviously a place to sleep is needed, but why waste living space with bedroom space?

With a full slide on the drivers side living space is greatly increased, the entire galley is included in the slide out.  The bathroom is huge even bigger than some Class A units.

The RV will sleep 1 to 6, but the grandkids are just about right.  The grandgirls call the overhead bunk the 'Girls Loft'.  When they are not along we use it for storage, and always sleep on the jack-knife sofa.

The large sliding windows on both sides allow for ample ventilation.


For Rufus to earn a state sticker, something unique to the state must be done.  Just driving thru, spending the night, etc. does not count - it must be an adventure that can only be done in that state.

States where Rufus has found a unique adventure:

and a few Canadian Provinces:

Here's a link to the factory specs for Rufus.

The factory brochure is a pdf file that really shows off Rufus.  Our interior is identical, but we have the Pearl White full body paint scheme.

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  1. I cannot access my Comment Section, so I will respond to you via your site: I carry 3 liters of water for Declan and give him a drink from another liter in the car at the start of each hike. He did carry his own water in a saddlebag for the first several hikes. However, he developed a large blister across his chest one time because the strap had gotten too tight--I guess Declan was growing--so I stopped putting on the backpack until he healed. Later I discovered that he had some arthritis in the back legs and a partial ACL tear, so I decided not lighten his load for good and not have him wear a backpack any longer.


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