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September 07, 2015

Erie PA and Presque Isle State Park

From Hocking Hills to Niagara Falls is a couple days drive at our preferred pace.  We selected Erie PA our destination for the night and the Presque Isle State Park our morning hike.  Sara’s Campground is right on the beach and adjacent to the entrance to the park.  A perfect destination.
IMG_6953 (640x480)IMG_6949 (640x478)

But to get there Ohio and Erie wine country is along the way.  The South River Vineyard in Ohio has their tasting room in an old church.  And some pretty good wines.  The old red barn is their distillery, and they also have a micro-brew.  A very diverse set of skills …
IMG_6946 (640x490)IMG_6942 (640x472)
IMG_6943 (640x473)IMG_6944 (640x462)

We arrived at Sara’s with a fresh bottle of wine and the need to dump the tanks.  The campground has 2 sections – on the beach with electric or across from the beach with full hookups including cable ($38).  I didn’t mind walking to the beach to catch the sunset.
IMG_6951 (640x473)P1040248 (640x479)

Sunrise required a scooter ride into the park to find a decent eastern view over Lake Erie, but was so worth it.
P1040252 (640x479)P1040258 (640x479)

The plan for the morning hike was to take the scooter to the Dead Pond trail head outbound and return to the scooter via the Sidewalk Trail.  But ticks!?!?  Yikes, I’m a chicken and we opt to leave the scooter and follow the road way around.   That adds a bit of distance, but it is an easy walk.  And allows for views of the beaches that otherwise might have been missed.

IMG_6954 (640x473)IMG_6955 (640x479)IMG_6956 (640x477)IMG_6957 (640x478)
IMG_6959 (640x479)IMG_6960 (640x480)IMG_6962 (640x479)IMG_6963 (640x463)

Niagara Falls next  stop ….

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