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November 09, 2020

Dia de los Muertos - in the Covid era

Dia de los Muertos is a celebration and remembrance of those family members that have passed.  Public gatherings at the cemeteries are forbidden this year, but public displays are encouraged.

My younger brother is in town with his wife Junita, a wonderful gal from Mazatl├ín. We walked Old Town State Park, observing the decorations and family displays.


Marigold are the official flower used with the displays.  The park is awash with the gold colors.


and enjoying lunch at Casa de Maria.

Fran, Juanita and Marty

We also wanted to visit Chicano Park (a National Landmark) as the local news had a segment on the updating and cleanup of the murals ,,, and Juanita has not been there before.  

Indeed many of the pillars remain in various stages of repainting.  Some just getting a facelift and others being redone completely.


The Mexican Revolution and their continuing struggles are well depicted here.

Many remembrance displays were at Chicano Park.


We did have an afternoon walk at the Liberty Station Art Walk.  This year the event was held on the larger North Promenade, with masks required.  The larger venue  accommodated Social Distancing.

This multi section paintings are interesting and apparently very profitable as there were a lot of them.

Wind art around the fountain was a nice touch.

I liked the clever idea of letting the paint run off the canvas and onto the frame, as if melting.

I enjoy the local subjects of the artists, not so much for their excellent efforts, but for my familiarity of subjects and their professional display of them.  

Scripps Pier

So this was my favorite, just kick off the flip flops and walk in the sand.

Did I mention Juanita is a fabulous cook!  This 'cena' (dinner) is her chicken enchiladas, with her (from scratch) rice and beans.  Sure hope she teaches Fran her secret for beans!
!Me gusto mucho!