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September 24, 2015

N’Awlans–New Orleans for the day

What to do and where to stay if only a single day can be allocated to this magnificent city.  For what to do the French Quarter was a must, as to where to stay only one choice in an RV – French Quarter RV Resort
P1050034 (640x468)P1050035 (640x456)

Sorry I lost (erased) my pictures of the Resort but it’s worth their price of nearly $100.  Check their website (http://www.fqrv.com/) for details it’s accurate.  Walk to the Quarter, secured gates, decent Wi-Fi, showers, pool, etc.  Also not mentioned on the web is the quiet neighbors as it shares a wall with the historic St. Louis Cemetery.

The walk from the RV park is in front of Save Our Cemeteries .  Select a tour, or pick up a map and start walking down St. Louis to Bourbon Street.
P1040947 (640x480)P1040942 (640x474)P1040949 (640x479)P1040950 (640x479)P1040951 (640x471)P1040953 (640x480)

Where to eat for lunch?, any place that serves Gumbo!  The Quarter does not really come to life until dusk, this is a good time to get oriented.
  P1040955 (640x471)P1040958 (640x480)

Bourbon Street was a 5 block walk. The Jackson Square is on the waterfront (8 blocks).
P1040986 (640x474)P1050026 (640x478)P1050027 (640x473)P1050029 (640x462)

French Market is to the left
P1040975 (640x473)P1040976 (640x478)P1040977 (640x478)P1040979 (640x477)

Café du Monde to the right
P1040984 (640x480)P1040985 (640x477)

Leroy Brown sung with a washboard ‘vest’, Home Depot bucket drums, music all along the street in the evening
P1050023 (640x478)P1050019 (640x480)

Next time I’d like to dine on a balcony to watch the activity on the street below as Bourbon Street comes to life.  Just pick a balcony location, all the food we had was very good!

P1040999 (640x473)P1050033 (640x431)

Certainly a balcony would provide a better view of these street kids that made it to America’s Got Talent with their break dancing moves.
P1050036 (640x447)P1050011 (640x480)P1050012 (640x479) (2)P1050014 (640x472)

And of course a parade, feel free to jump in …
P1050039 (640x472)P1050040 (640x473)

Off to tour a Plantation home ….

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  1. I'm just catching up, what a great trip !!


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