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July 28, 2022

Mt Shasta - Family Fun

We left Susanville east to connect with CA SR89 north to Mt Shasta.  This route passes the Subway Cave.  Although we did not stop, the kids did and said it was totally worth it.  But they have 4 drivers.  The youngest grand-girl Aj did her rotation on 395.

We did stop at McArthur-Burney State Park, expecting the typical SP day use fee of $10.  Nope our 24’ RV is considered ‘Oversized’, we were charged $20 to park 1.5 miles away! … OUCH!

The surrounding porous basalt retains water, allowing for a large underground reservoir to retain.  A large spring at Burney Falls releases the water creating a most beautiful and unique waterfall.

Most of the water pours over the top of the cliff.

Water also flows freely thru the basalt on either side.


Our first view of Mt Shasta is from SR89.

We’re welcomed to The City of Mt. Shasta.

We all stayed at the KOA at the north end of town … I’d give it 2 stars, 1 – management was impossible to deal with, but 2 – it has a great location!  Perhaps the worst KOA ever!

Having arrived a day earlier g-son Jm and family prepared a yummy pulled pork dinner for us … all 13 of us!  Thanks! guys!!!  No pics, I was too busy eating and catching up.  Delish.

The next day was an early start for hiking and then beaching.  The nimble group did the Heart Lake to Castle Lake hike in the cool early morning.

After the hike we all went over to Lake Siskiyou for a beach day.  With lots of water toys to prepare.

G-son Jm enjoying the dino float.

The north shore provides easy FREE access, perfect for our needs.  It's $2/person on the south shore.

Aj finally has the kayak out for its first journey.

My kid brother checking if the Jeffery Pine really does smell like vanilla.

It does, but so does the Ponderosa Pine.

Fran being towed into deeper water by Jm.

Aj found another use for the dino.  A very versatile float.

Afterwards we stopped at the City Park that contains the Big Shasta Spring, the official headwaters of the Sacramento River.

Maybe it is the lenticular clouds or the crystals found in the area, but the headwaters seems to attract many reaching for their inner selves.  Some by meditation:

Some by chanting:

It’s now Taco Night!  A family favorite potluck!  Carne Asada or pork al Pastor ???? too many decisions ;)

and lots of toppings and side dishes

Thanks best taco night yet!

and a vertical of my favorite Mexican wine.

The 2018 wins by a very narrow margin.

The neighbor has a couple Macadamia nut trees that over hang the fence.  I spent several hours harvesting, shuck'n and shell'n fresh nuts.  Fran used our new RV oven to bake up cupcakes to share.

And another cribbage elimination ladder.

Grand-girl Kg has a unique cribbage board.  Does the power of the circle really bring luck ?

Our DIL made up some special souvenirs unique to this reunion.  She is so awesome and thoughtful, what a great DIL!

s’more kits!

The following morning I took the short bike ride to what I call the Zen Garden <Note their website is not secure!, hence I will not provide a link>.

Lots of prayer flags! a lot o them!

What peace garden would be complete without a praying Madonna?

I made my way through the maze to here.  Why?

The highlite for me was The God Stick, with its various swirls and crystals.

Embedded in the stick is a large crystal, the heart ?

and a turtle, for finding your own way.  Once the turtle hatches, it’s on its own.

Again Jm and family host us.  This time for a pancake breakfast.

That’s Kg taking the homemade blueberry syrup.  Yummy!  And the raspberry was fresh picked from their garden!  OMG!  Who needs Aunt Jamima?  With oh my fresh fruit!

They have a nice griddle for hosting.  Such fun!

Is that a bear and nose print on the back of the nephew's car?

or is it Sasquatch ???

Fran and I have been stopping at Hedge Creek Falls for a leg stretch for a long time.  I was looking forward to showing off this almost unknown gem to the family.  What? the dirt pullout is now marked!

And a new welcome sign!

Well at least the spring fed fountain is familiar.

Hedge Creek Falls has a behind the falls cave.  Not only can you enjoy the back side of water, but some critters that live there.

Like slippery slimy salamanders.

Although the trail continues down to the confluence with the Sacramento River we turned back at the overlook.

Brother Marty and his daughter 

on the return the kids went up to explore a side cave.

These ancient hand prints in this cave date back to … last week?, this morning? 

We need to move on in the morning, but not without a visit to the Dunsmuir Baseball Park.  Why?  Because Babe Ruth and Bob Muesel played a barnstorming baseball game at Dunsmuir Stadium in 1924!

There are some good info and fotos on the link above.  I think nephew L found a ball that he might have hit out of the park!

The Dunsmuir High Tigers play there now.  Even though bleacher seating has been added the old wooden seating has been maintained.

We need to head back for preparations for a long drive in the morning.  Some of the fam headed off to McCloud Falls.  We planned to stop on our way east, but blew right past the turn! … again …

Some pics from those that did make it. 

looking down at Middle Falls

The base of Middle Falls might be the best view of the 3 falls.  And swimming is allowed

Upper McCloud Falls is pretty awesome, too.

We had some ukulele sing along with the nieces.

This blog is already long, so I’ll close with the family foto as we are all together behind Hedge Creek Falls.

We’re now on our way to Denver to meet the twins!, via a colorful geyser and a lonely road …