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January 30, 2022

Borrego Star Party and Salton Sea

I have a 4” Celestron grap’n’go Nexstar telescope.  When a ‘Star Party’ is available it’s fun to see what the serious toys are in use.

When Borrego Springs advertised its Community Star Party, I knew we’d be going.

Long time readers may recall the City placed a fire hydrant in our front yard because the power pole where the planner placed it across the street had a power pole that was too far gone to work around.  That blog can be found HERE

On the Friday before the Star Party the power to the hood was shut off and the offending pole replaced.

WTH – I’ve never seen such a massive pole as a residential distribution pole for two homes!

But we are off!  We always take a break at Dudley’s and pick up a sandwich or two to split.  This trip we ordered the Club with avocado on the side.


While waiting for the sandwich Fran was looking for a Greeting Card.  Her response to the selection was “Geez Gay takes better pictures, she should do cards!”

And she’s right! Gay and Joe of Good Times Rollin offer both research and photos that are pretty awesome.  Certainly better than what was offered here ...

We pulled into Peg Leg Smith late Friday afternoon to find our usual space occupied.  Grrr.  But a private spot where George and Suzie stayed was available and we pulled in there.

I met them in February 2019 after hiking in Piedras Grandes.  My blog is HERE.  George blogged that day HERE.  RIP George ... we all miss your smile and humor.

Across from us was this 5er with more solar than anyone could use!  What would Bill <https://bkamericanodyssey.com/> do with the profits from this installation?

We enjoyed wonderful Alpen Glow on the Santa Rosa as the sun set in the west.

I set out our humming bird feeder and grateful hummers within a half hour.

They are the prime pollinators of the drought deciduous ocotillo.  With our extended drought the ocotillo have dropped their flowers, then their leaves and many have died, some will survive.

The above photos were taken in Coyote Canyon.

Under still overcast skies we drove to Christmas Circle via some Golleta Meadows sculptures.


At Christmas Circle a local art exhibit was taking place.  Nothing really interested us.  But the 3rd rudder in this photo is a Sabot! We sold our Sabot last year.  For just a bit more than the rudder alone :(

There is still no progress on the ‘Borrego Springs Shadeway’.  But there is more seating at Christmas Circle, but still not more shade!

Benches in front of the stage ... block view?
a few more tables

Salton Sea
Big changes at the Salton Sea!  I have to thank my friend Jeff for keeping me up to date on some of these activities:

Local groups have planted 1700 native trees those that flourish will be again planted.
Lithium mining, a prime component of E-car batteries can be mined, from the the lake bed.
The dropping water level as the Salton Sea evaporates.  Inflow has been limited

Under cloudy skies we decided to check out the water levels on the west side of Salton Sea.

The water at Salton City Marina is barely visible.

The harbor and docks are also beyond view.

At Salton Sea Beach the water was a bit of a hike away.

Our last stop was at Desert Shores.  Where we were warned not to swim … hmm no water anywhere!

Finally the Star Party under a cloudy sky.  The gathering is being held at Old Springs Road.


There were four members of the astronomy club that came to share their expertise.   The two 6” Celestron telescopes were waiting for a break in the clouds to see the Orion Nebula.  … not happening …

Another had an interesting slide show of the constellations as they rotate

Woody was also there with his SKY TREK” Mobile Observatory and showed off his equipment and how it works.

The Sultan of Slowjamastan has invited me to join him and his new nation on February 6.   He said this in an email: “Thanks for including our glorious nation in your fine blog. You are always welcome here.

Stay tuned I just might go as my kid brother returns to Tacoma on the 5th. …

January 04, 2022

Borrego Springs - to Slowjamastan

Fran had a double-header today, morning tennis and an afternoon of bridge.  We have a busy couple weeks ahead too.  Fran’s brother arrives on the 6th, my brother on the 11th, we will have lunch with Gay and Joe, of Good Times Rollin, on the 10th … so  I decided to give myself the day off.

I treated myself to a day trip to Borrego Springs.

A quick stop at the Center Market for a Pepsi and a Cliff Bar that I’ll have for lunch, followed by a quick walk thru the Mall. 

I never tire of the tilework and the Borrego history it depicts.


I did a quick stop at the new (to me) Desert Pantry Groceries.


I’m sure it will do well, with a good location right at Christmas Circle.  But I will, mostly, remain a Center Market customer.

The only blooms were in the Anza Borrego Desert Natural History Association (ABDNHA) Garden. 

And even with care, not many, but it is still early in the season.

The only flowers in bloom were in the garden

My dad’s birthday is later in January.  It’s been over two decades since I released his ashes at Font’s Point, but it will always be a special stop.

I was not in the mood for this idiot doing ‘donuts’ on the access road.

There was a Ranger-gal at Font’s Point and I mentioned the donuts.  Her response was “I noticed the dust”.  And she was off to do some Rangering.

Dad’s sunset view to the west

north toward Clark Lake

east toward a hazy Salton Sea

Everybody loves the Desert Dragon sculpture.  And what’s not to like?


and the view from its little cottontail butt, on the other side of the road.

But my favorite remains the herd of Borrego.


The independent nation of Slowjamastan is about 15 miles east of Ocotillo Wells on the north side of CA-78.

Yes this is legit, it's the brain child of Randy Williams, aka R Dub the DJ and producer, of the Slow Jam radio show aired worldwide Sunday evening … from San Diego.

R Dub is also the ruling benevolent dictator as “His Excellency Supreme Sultan” of “The United Territories of the Sovereign Nation of The People’s Republic of Slowjamastan.”

For more info on this new nation poke around on their website slowjamastan.org.  You can now apply for citizenship, there will be a major media reveal and public Meet&Greet on Feb 6th.

Altho ground was broken last month, I did not see any construction from the road.  I did not want to trespass … might end up in the Slow Jam Jail.

We were privileged to host a family gathering at our home for some of the extended family.  So from our home to yours we all wish you the Best of things to come in the New Year!

Sultan if you happen to notice this blog, I welcome any corrections or additions from your Excellency.