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October 16, 2019

Bomb Fest - Mission Bay

Street Tattoo Events hosted the 3rd annual Bomb Fest, this year at Playa Pacifica on Mission Bay.

Despite the name "Bomb Fest" nothing will blow up, the event is all about “... the Joy and Passion of Low Riding.” But not all lowriders are ‘bombs’ and not all bombs are lowriders.

Back in high school a car was called a bomb if it looked like it was about to fall apart or blow up.  It was hard to meet chicks in my mother's old bomb of a Corvair.

Today to be a ‘bomb,' the car must have top quality workmanship and perfect deep reflective paint.  As in - that car’s the bomb!

We saw the cars being trailer'd in on our way out to do the Ramona Grasslands hike.  On our return it was all set up.  Although still dusty from the trail we wanted to stop and check it out.

The event is open to all pre-1954 cars and trucks, but only the ‘Lowrider Bombs’ will be judged.  Car clubs from San Francisco, Los Angles, Arizona, Nevada and Mexico contributed to the 250 entries on display.

The paint on this entry is burgundy in the sun, black in the shade, with hints of root beer walking around it.

The detail of the chrome and air brush is amazing in this engine compartment.

Certainly the best Halloween theme and it’s low, it's fun, but not a bomb.

The truck is showing off its low/cruise positions.

The only entry with 'suicide doors' front and rear.

This old Metro bus was my favorite.  I picture it turned into a slammed RV with mile deep flawless yellow paint.  Its license plate reads Y.LOW.BUS – perfect, as the hydraulics let it rest on the ground.


I like the simple and flawless paint on this Chevy truck.

This hearse is a bomb

The term 'bomb' has referred to cars, before the zoot suit.  A perfectly outfitted couple couple for the occasion - aren't they the bomb?

Live music as well as other stages with a DJ, and favorite playlists over the amped up speakers of some of the cars on displays.

We had a long day and it was a good one.  Life in San Diego is lived outside, with always choices of things to do.  The British car clubs were also meeting today ... choices!

One last look a Bomb Fest as we head for home.