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May 21, 2023

Fiesta del Sol - Welding and a Topper

Fiesta del Sol:

Solana Beach hosts Fiesta del Sol annually, on the last weekend in May.

I entered Solana Beach via the Coastal Trail for a bike ride.  I always find something new on the gateway pillars.  This time a mama-bird caring for her chicks.

A team of horses taking local eucalyptus to be used for the railroad.  The horse team is four abreast!  I haven’t noticed that before.

The trail is a paved multi-use 1.25 mile path the length of Solana Beach.  It was totally alive in color this visit.


After 1.25 miles the paved section of the trail ends at a little park overlooking Cardiff by the Sea.

From there I retraced my route to its midpoint and entrance to the Kickoff To Summer.

The fest is often held under May-Gray skies, but the welcome sun did come out for a bit.

I wandered down to Fletcher Cove, to watch some of the surfing action.

But the only action was this SUP trying to get out.

Although the wave tossed him off his SUP, he has leashes on both the board and paddle.  After recovering all his gear, I saw him going back and forth, but not trying to come in, nor go further out. 

The main stage area was crowded.  It looked like a lot of folks waiting for the National Anthem. :)

Nope they were waiting for the endless parade of local garage bands.

I didn’t take any photos of the festival, as my blog last year focused on festival.  Rather than repeat, that blog can be found HERE


This post will be much shorter than my last, which mentioned the kids are getting their house painted.

That requires a lot of prep-work.  More prep-work over the weekend, which included repairing the metal fence.  Here Aj is becoming the fence to ensure nothing gets in.

Neighbor Glenn has welding equipment and the tools necessary to help with the job.

The rusted section removed and a new piece of steel measured to be cut.

Kami primes and paints the finished sections.

Which are then ready to be reinstalled.

Glenn has taught himself basic welding by watching YouTube videos and practice.  His work is pretty good, and quite adequate for this project.


The slideout topper tore a few inches on last year's Ohio trip.  Awning tape kept the tear from getting too much worse.  But alas it needs a better fix.

While waiting for ShadePro to arrive I enjoyed a really good coffee, and a lemon muffin from the Beach Club.

Travis arrived a few minutes late, but set right to work removing the old topper.

And installing the new.

It looks possible as a DIY project.  But for $200 installed I’m glad I didn’t attempt it.  Travis made it look easy!