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June 21, 2019

A bit of the Oregon Coast - Road Trip 2019

We find ourselves again traveling the beautiful Oregon Coast south-to-north. The viewpoints, turnouts and all of the beach trails are easily available for those traveling south.  Next year we have to plan our summer loop counter-clockwise.
Mike and Deb of Trekking With the Bs are volunteering at parks all along western Oregon.  Deb has assisted with my planning and can offer insights to anyone contemplating this trip.
We arrived in Brookings with a near empty gas tank.  Yea – diesel here is nearly a dollar less per gallon!
Typical trail along the coastal corridor
The Oregon Coast Hiway, US 101, is named the ”State Scenic Corridor” for good reasons.
Natural Bridges
Natural Bridges
The parking at Thunder Rock was more RV friendly than the lot at Natural Bridges. The view point loop trail from Thunder Rock also includes views of the Natural Bridges.
Thunder Rock
Just lots of beautiful beaches along the way.

The Oregon coast guide mentioned the “little known” park at Floras Lake.  It is not little known to the kite boarding community!  Friends Tony and Nancy, from San Diego, are on there way here.  Yup - they are here for the wind.
Floras  Lake
The ocean at Floras Lake is made up of coarse black volcanic sand. 
Ocean beach at Floras Lake
Many more stops for views along the coast, mostly or the views 
Which become large sand beaches … and morning fog!
Our site at Tilicum Beach
Foggy morning
The fog did burn off early making for nice walk.  This beach is huge, it’s easy walking without the crowds common on our SoCal beaches.
Tillicum Beach

Face Rock is an RV friendly stop, with trails leading down to the beach.
Face Rock

We decided to cross the Columbia River via the Westport Ferry, something different and fun.  It’s a short ride but worth the $12 (up to 30’) for the experience.
Waiting for Westport Ferry
Here it comes
and we're aboard
Goodbye Oregon
We certainly enjoyed our brief visit to Oregon.  We’ll next spend time with family in the Evergreen State.