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December 01, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving from SoCal

When the Santa Ana winds blow they blow off-shore creating amazing clear warm days late into the ll.  Not really a ‘Indian Summer’ but certain a few post-card perfect days here in SandyEggo.
The day was spent with family, but not without some time to enjoy the boardwalk in Pacific Beach.
P1010869 (640x479)P1010870 (640x479)

Boys playing football on the beach – beats sitting in front of the TVP1010871 (640x480)P1010872 (640x479)

Turkey dinner on the beach just south of Crystal Pier
P1010873 (640x479)P1010875 (640x479)

It’s Thanksgiving Day but the Christmas decorations are already out.  OK so the tree on the beach is pretty cool…
P1010878 (640x500)P1010884 (640x479)

Ah the Macaws – Although they will greet you with ‘Hello’, or ‘Surfs Up’, could not get one to say ‘Merry Christmas’.  Oh well it was Thanksgiving, I’ll try again in a few weeks.
P1010879 (640x480)

So what am I thankful for this year? Pacific Beach Drive with no traffic!
P1010885 (640x480)

Family, friends, loved ones, our great country and those that defend it, and really days like this – no snow needing to be shoveled!