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April 30, 2021

San Felipe - Race week

We arrived as the Baja 250 was just about to finish up.  Poor timing on our part and we were stuck in a massive traffic jam!  UGH!

Seems every time we come down, the San Felipe welcome sign has fresh paint and a new theme.  This time it clearly relates to race week.

Looking forward to a ‘World Famous’ Strawberry Margarita at Bar Miramar that would settle us down.  They really are good.  We like to get one and walk along the Malecon.

But, ALL bars are still shuttered under Covid restrictions.  Did I mention it’s race week?  That’s gotta hurt.

At least the restaurants serve Margaritas.  Although we did avoid the ‘DREADED’ Fish Fillet at Anisetos.  But did enjoy an icy cold Margarita.


The Beach House has lost its last 20 yards of beach.  The Sea of Cortez is now undercutting the deck.  And overflowing the golf course at the Bahia Santa Maria North Nine.  Sad but we’ve enjoyed the last 20+ years there and leave with many great memories.

This massive 6x6 RV drove across the golf course for a peaceful night.  But the ruts it created left a new challenge for our three-some.

Bobby and Fran at the ruts near the 3rd tee.

The Full Pink ‘Super’ Moon rose under cloudy skies.  And it created some very high tides.

These kids were able to sail from the Back-Bay around to the Sea of Cortez and home again.

The high tide flooded the road faster than I could walk!  Check out my video, it shows how fast the tide came in.

We brought a 12 pack of Diet Pepsi with us.  This entire package added new meaning to the “Pepsi Challenge”.  All the cans had the bottom blown out and would not sit upright.  I think they must have been caught in the Texas Deep Freeze!


We played a lot of golf when the tide was out.  And Fran managed to get in a few nice kayak rides when the tide was in.

Her route took her out to check on the resident pelican population, who are also losing their sandbar.

The NORRA 1000 (National Off-Road Racing Association) passed behind the Beach House.  This race originally started with ‘classic’ off-road vehicles.  However it now has categories for all racers.

I still like the classic Ford Broncos that a good Shade Tree mechanic might enter.

Our local McNeil Racing is running their 6-door pickup truck.

There were a lot of buggies in different configurations.  COPS Racing Team had a couple entries.

There was only one Volkswagen.

And of course more then a few Trophy Trucks, being shadowed by helicopter film crews.

Alas it is time for us to return home.  A final sunset over the Peninsular Range toward Sierra San Pedro Matir.

And a final sunrise over the Sea of Cortez.

As we make the climb to cross the border at Tecate, we can see we are leaving the Fun Side of Trump’s Wall.  I think it is an ugly scar on the desert landscape.

Oh - forgot to mention the shrimp!  Not only did get the best rate of exchange ever!  19.82 pesos to the dollar, we also came home with 4 kilos (8.8 lbs) of shrimp at the best price ever (less than $10/lb.).

April 05, 2021

Ocotillo Wells - OHV

Adjacent to north east side Anza Borrego State Park is the Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area.  A very popular California State Park for Off Highway Vehicles.

I know most folks boondock far away from OHV areas.  But during the week there is little activity here.  And yes we have a quad that needs some exercise.

Our quad is a work unit, it is not an adrenalin rush to ride.  However it does allow for exploring in the areas where OHV riding is allowed.  Fran rides too.

We’re getting ready for a trip to San Felipe, where the quad is used with its trailer for real work at the Beach House.

It has been over a year since the motor was even started! and I wanted to run the tank dry before running some fresh gas through it.

Many of the campsites have palapa-styled shade structures and a picnic table. 

We usually find a palapa on Main Street on the west side.  It is closer to the Ranger Station and the showers, with fewer of the Adrenalin Junkies.

In Mexico we often ride double, but in the OHV that is not allowed.  So one of us is left behind to take care of the campsite.

On one of my rides an Osprey was doing Touch-n-Go practice at the airport.

The approach

The landing

Letting the dust settle

The takeoff

In the year that the park was Covid-Closed new trail signs and markers have been installed.


We had an early start on Friday to head into Borrego Springs for the Farmers Market.

The trailhead to Little Surprise Canyon uses the same parking area as Hell Hole Canyon and Maidenhair Falls.  My only sighting of the elusive Ghost Flower was in Little Surprise Canyon.  And Surprise!, an Iron Ranger has been installed in the parking area.

I’ll close this post with a few pictures taken from a walk through the Desert Garden, where there are some flowers in bloom.


Brittle Bush

Orchid Tree

The Covid Pandemic has closed the border for most of last year.  Making a 'Shrimp Run' was not considered essential travel.  Now that the border crossings are again open I hope there'll be shrimp available.