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June 26, 2015

Entering Washington at Maryhill

Entered Maryhill Washington on US97, still east of Mount Hood with the idea of visiting the Glendale Observatory in the morning.  Although a bit off the main line for the upcoming of the Ring-of-Fire, Glendale will still have 98% coverage and great educational support.

Found a great spot for the night at Peach Beach.  Right on the Columbia River, adjacent to a working peach grove and with our own private driving range.  A better stop for us than the neighboring Maryhill State Park.
IMG_5503 (640x359)IMG_5500 (640x348)

Heading north we made the slight detour to visit Stonehenge, WA.  This is a monument to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice during World War I.
IMG_5508 (640x345)IMG_5505 (640x354)
IMG_5504 (640x349)IMG_5506 (640x359)

But then climbing the hills to Goldendale, WA the RV computer shut the turbo down sending the engine into limp-home-mode.  Without the turbocharger the RV is very sluggish and comes to a crawl on the slightest hill.  Autotronics in Yakima was the closest Sprinter service available. 
IMG_5509 (640x348)IMG_5512 (640x337)

They service the FedEx Sprinters and have a full service facilities, however they were not able to determine the exact cause of our failure.  But they are a very capable shop, and provided a complete set of testing done incase the issue should reoccur.  With the RV again fully operational we were on our way.  Leaving Yakima without an apple nor a wine tasting :(

IMG_5517 (640x359)IMG_5518 (640x359)

Settled in for the night at Dog Lake’s little 7-site campground just below White Pass.
IMG_5520 (640x356)IMG_5522 (640x357)IMG_5525 (640x357)IMG_5549 (640x350)

In the morning we took the hike toward Cramer Lake (TR1106).  The trail starts off easy enough, but soon debris from the past storms block the route.  It's a bit of a scramble to find a detour around some of the obstructions.
IMG_5528 (640x359)IMG_5531 (640x359)IMG_5539 (640x359)IMG_5548 (640x359)

Looking after crossing the scree filed and looking back at Dog Lake
IMG_5541 (640x359)IMG_5543 (640x350)

After getting back on the road the turbo failed again.  The idea was to spend this day at Mt Rainier, but this was as close as we got. 
IMG_5550 (640x359)

We're now safely in Tacoma, WA, while Larson Dodge tackles the repairs.

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  1. Sorry to hear Rufus is having trouble. Looks like you are having fun despite that. See you soon! Lori


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