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June 20, 2015

Bodie, Washoe State Park, Likely Golf & RV

I am going to combine these last 3 days into this one entry.
“Goodbye God!, I’m going to Bodie.”; or “GOOD!, By-God – I’m going to Bodie”

A short drive up 395 from Lundy Lake is the turnoff for Bodie State Park.  The 1st 10 miles off 395 are paved, those last 3 are tough in an RV.

P1020706 (640x480)P1020704 (640x480)

With the discovery of gold in 1876 the town boomed to over 5000 by 1879.  A fire destroyed much of the town and today just over 100 buildings remain.  Although visitors can walk the streets, only a couple buildings may be entered.
P1020719 (640x480)P1020723 (640x466)
P1020744 (640x478)P1020753 (640x479)
More of a museum than ghost town, Castle Dome City allows visitors to enter buildings and handle the displays.

Washoe State Park is more of a playa than a lake.  I have been here once when there was water, but normally it is a dry lake bed.   The only reason to stop this time was the high winds had closed the Washoe Valley to RVs and it is convenient to the road.   All sites are dry camping, there is water and restrooms dispersed thru the camping area.  But a $17 a night ($15 if you are a resident) it’s a bit much – and it has brown ticks!
P1020759 (640x471)P1020763 (640x480)

But the best reason to stop there is have a reason to not arrive in Reno after Peg’s has closed at 2PM.  This place was recommended last time we were in Reno, but we were unable to stop. 

Leaving Washoe State Park on north 395 Peg’s Glorified Ham and Eggs is right on the way with room for an RV.  Best chile relleno EVER!
IMG_5373 (640x394)

Likely Place Golf and RV Resort is just south of Alturas, CA on 395.  It seems we’re following Paul and Nina of Wheelingit on this section of our trip.   Nina has a great write-up on their stop here

The water and electric site is $25 with Good Sam.  Clean restrooms and hot showers included.  Be warned the water pressure is very high!

9 holes of golf are $23, even with a loaner club set (Dennis said he'd be embarrassed to charge for the beat cubs, but they were fine).  The front-nine are longer with the back-nine making a loop inside them, but back is a bit more technical. 

Nina has the golf covered, here’s a few pictures of the Nature Loop, which is inside the back nine. The trail starts at site 50 and loops back to there.  A couple large pack rat nests are not far off the trail near the meadow.
IMG_5384 (640x359)IMG_5387 (640x359)

The trail is well marked and signed, notice all the foxtail grass within the trail.  I just tossed my socks, no hope of ever getting all the tails and burrs out.
IMG_5388 (640x359)

Just after the reservoir (water hazard), the front-nine and back-nine meet up.
IMG_5390 (640x359)IMG_5391 (640x359)
IMG_5393 (640x359)IMG_5397 (640x359)

Casino Camping tonight – Crater Lake tomorrow.


  1. AWESOME! By the way, I think people may have moved into your house. Hope that's ok. Howz the weather? All nominal on Grandview. :)

  2. I hope you didn't take anything from Bodie... rocks, broken glass pieces, doesn't matter. There's supposedly a curse on anyone who takes anything from Bodie, and misfortune will follow until it is returned. [Source: "American Supernatural" on The Weather Channel.] Misfortune can come easy in an RV... a few nibbles on the fuel line by an adventurous critter and, well, you know how that goes. ;-)


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