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June 11, 2015

A Fair Day in Del Mar

Last Friday I finally left the full tie workforce.  A bit scary and a bit uncertain what the future will hold, but it seemed like a good time to begin the next chapter – not chapter 11!
IMG_5170 (640x347)

Today was a perfect day to take advantage of a retirement gift from Doug and Marilyn – admission to the Del Mar Fair!

Fairs are always fun, they are loud, fast paced, offer a variety of entertainment, gadgets and food.  In San Diego the Del Mar Fair has most of the gadget vendors under one roof and outside there are traditional fair-food and entertainment offerings.
IMG_5199 (640x333)IMG_5207 (640x359)IMG_5198 (640x349)IMG_5201 (640x357)
Beach Boys music with electric guitars?  Almost traditional!

However the hit of the midway this year? 
IMG_5208 (640x359)IMG_5209 (640x359)

IMG_5204 (640x359)IMG_5205 (640x348)IMG_5222 (640x341)IMG_5223 (640x359)
Coffee deep fried in bacon?  Bacon flavored cotton candy?  Chocolate covered bacon? This has gone way past deep fried butter, Snickers, Oreos, …, whatever!  Did bacon cross the line?

I’m still enthralled with the talent of the high school and industrial arts talent available in the area.  Wood working from Palomar is really world class.  Jimmy Carter has commissioned work from this school.
IMG_5211 (640x359)IMG_5212 (640x349)

The local rock hounds put on a great show.  They do great work in the community, too.  I’ll add the fossil beds to my bucket list.
IMG_5215 (640x350)IMG_5214 (640x350)

This weekend we head out for a few months to visit family, friends, people and places.  The trip is to Seattle and across to the Finger Lakes of New York.  The return trip will be a surprise to me too!
I’m going to get used to this being retired!

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