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June 23, 2015

Crater Lake

P1020776 (640x479)P1020783 (640x480)

When going to Crater Lake from the south there are not very many staging options.  For this trip KLA-MO-YA Casino was perfect!  Free self-contained parking $6 for pork ribs/fries/corn w/soup or salad.  Enough for 2 meals for us. 

Next door is their Travel Plaza with gas/diesel/propane/store and a scooter wash with a hose and brush long enough to wash the RV! – free!
IMG_5446 (640x359)IMG_5447 (640x337) 
IMG_5449 (640x348)IMG_5450 (640x340)

The Crater Lake Rim Trail follows the entire west rim, and is likely the best trail in the park.  We followed it from the Visitor’s Center to where it met up with the Watchman Tower trail, another 2.4 miles beyond.
P1020808 (640x480)P1020809 (640x480)P1020850 (640x480)P1020856 (640x480)
P1020839 (640x480)P1020825 (640x470)

The science question of the day – Why is Crater Lake blue?  With the flat light from the clouds on this trip is was not as deep/dark blue as I’ve seen it in past visits.  But the shallows were more turquoise then I remember.

The Cascade Scenic Byway in Oregon has yet to fully recover from the fires, but it is still a beautiful drive.  Lots of hiking and camping options.  Not much snow on Mt. Bachelor this year.
P1020858 (640x480)P1020862 (640x480)P1020861 (640x480)P1020864 (640x476)

Tomorrow Cove/Palisades …

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