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June 18, 2015

Mono Lake

After leaving the Ancient Big Pine Forest thru Bishop to Lee Vining stopping in at Erik Shatt’s is a must!

Grand-girl Aj absolutely insisted the PB&J was the best ‘EVER!’.  Her sister Kg backed her up!  RV parking is in the way back of the Bishop City across the street.  That’s a great place to park, really.  Nice time to stretch the legs walking thru a well maintained park and a quiet place to enjoy lunch … PB&J or turkey or ….

This trip added a half PB&J to my order,  I agree with Aj it’s good – great even – but too sweet for my taste.  Best ever? probably!  Do it again – nah.  But would recommend to anyone who is considering the option.  The J in PB&J is homemade strawberry, but just a bit too sweet.

Snagged the last site on the north side of Mono Vista RV Park in Lee Vining.  There’s just a few sites on the north side  and by far the best!  Park itself? RAVE! Do your own research, but will stay here again when water/electric are needed.  Free dump station and awesome showers.
IMG_5322 (640x359)IMG_5321 (640x347)

The Sand Tufa is my favorite, but erosion and destruction have taken their tool on the exquisite Sand Tufa.  The intricate threads are no longer, the resemblance to Gotham City takes a bit more imagination now.
P1020628 (640x480)P1020633 (640x480)P1020635 (640x480)P1020641 (640x456)

The Navy Beach Hot Tub is no longer open for public use – back in the day the users kept the hot tub clean.  It has since been allowed to return to nature.  Good for the pool for sure, but not as pretty.
P1020651 (640x479)

The real snow birds are happy with the changes/improvements.  A flock of Canadian Geese get to enjoy a few more days of paradise before taking to the air on their way home.
P1020653 (640x480)

Here’s coupe pictures of the Tufa.  You’ve seen a bunch of them, but the water was so still the reflections were perfect.
P1020650 (640x480)P1020654 (640x478)

There are 2 Osprey nests on the tufa towers, and a vacancy for yet another.
P1020618 (640x480)

With only a short time to spend? – Spend it at the Visitor Center!  The information is all there, but to have the personal experience it a short walk to the center from the the campground followed by a longer walk back via the Lee Vining Creek Trail.
IMG_5342 (640x359)IMG_5343 (640x359)
IMG_5352 (640x359)IMG_5359 (640x330)

Some flowers still in bloom along the trail, others yet to start, many spent.
IMG_5355 (640x359)IMG_5356 (640x359)
IMG_5364 (640x359)IMG_5361 (640x359)

The Mono Basin Museum is located just off main street in the old School House, next to Guss Hess Park.  A worthwhile stop.
IMG_5369 (640x345)IMG_5366 (640x344)

Lundy Canyon and Bodie tomorrow …

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