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July 01, 2015

Tacoma WA

Looking to find good ceviche in Tacoma?  Look no further than the taco truck outside the Lowes parking lot.  And the fish taco is pretty good too!  This was the payment for assisting my younger brother reset the gate in his driveway.  He did all the digging, so this was more his payment – but he did buy.
IMG_5557 (640x359)IMG_5558 (640x359)
IMG_5554 (640x358)IMG_5555 (640x347)

The repositioned gate allows the RV to be parked in his back yard.  Right next to the chickens.
IMG_5685 (640x346)P1020909 (640x480)

Saturday we were treated to a cruise along Budd Inlet with friends Jane and Ron.  Ron’s boat is 42’ with all the bells and whistles needed to explore and enjoy the Puget Sound.  Today’s cruise was to Olympia Yacht Club’s Island Home.

IMG_5578 (640x359)IMG_5574 (640x348)
P1020895 (640x472)IMG_5638 (640x347)
IMG_5591 (640x342)IMG_5623 (640x359)

My brother’s house is just about walking distance to Cheney Stadium.  This past Sunday afternoon his Seattle Mariner’s AAA Tacoma Rainiers were hosting my San Diego Padres AAA El Paso Chihuahuas.  All the local dogs were invited too.  A nice game until the bottom of the 9th when the Rainiers walk off 2 run homer ended it.
IMG_5642 (640x348)IMG_5649 (640x359)
IMG_5650 (640x303)IMG_5653 (640x359)

This morning the RV was left with Larson Dodge for repairs.  There remains a loss of power, check engine light and a glow plug error code.  While awaiting the damage report from them we took a walk along the upper meadow trail at Chambers Bay.  Much of the trails remain closed as the cleanup from the US Open continues around the golf course.

IMG_5671 (640x480)IMG_5669 (640x480)
IMG_5665 (640x350)IMG_5660 (640x359)

The RV will not be ready until noon, leaving enough time to enjoy a stroll along the Ruston Way Waterfront.  In it’s heyday this was the Lumber Capitol of America, now it’s a series of damaged old wharfs intermixed with upscale dinning and parks.

IMG_5689 (640x355)IMG_5692 (640x357)
IMG_5694 (640x359)IMG_5695 (640x347)
IMG_5697 (640x348)IMG_5687 (640x357)

With the repairs complete, we’ll be saying a farewell to our fabulous hosts, until next year.
IMG_5704 (640x357)IMG_5703 (640x359)

Snoqualmie Falls tomorrow.

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