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June 22, 2015

Lava Beds

Lava Beds National Monument is a diverse landscape dotted with lava tubes, volcanic features and history.  Entering from the SE entrance there’s a nice long occasionally maintained road.
IMG_5401 (640x348)

Most visitors do the Cave Loop from the Visitor’s Center.  Really not a bad idea – a paved road to the entrance to a dozen tubes.  But being more than a bit claustrophobic I prefer the trails to the larger more remote tubes, over the gatherings along the more popular loop road.
IMG_5410 (640x345)IMG_5431 (640x359)IMG_5425 (640x348)IMG_5436 (640x358)IMG_5404 (640x358)IMG_5437 (640x359)

Along the trail is the world’s largest dandelions (thistles?) and more then enough tress, features and landscape to make the hike along a destination.
IMG_5428 (640x359)IMG_5418 (640x359)
IMG_5438 (640x358)IMG_5409 (640x359)

A lunch stop at the Devil’s Homestead.  A vast lava flow above the landscape of the Modoc War.
IMG_5441 (640x357)IMG_5440 (640x358)

Crater Lake next ….

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