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June 19, 2015

Lundy Canyon

The road up to Lundy Lake is in good shape, but there is not much parking up there for a larger RV.   However, there is good Forest Service camping on the east end of this lovely lake that could be accessed.  We checked in at the store to inquire on the road and trail conditions up Lundy Canyon.  “You can totally do it!”, was the response we heard.
P1020662 (640x480)P1020665 (640x480)

Perhaps I forgot to mention the RV.  The road turned a bit technical, but I was able to back into a small turnout.  From here it’s still a mile up the road to the trail head.P1020666 (640x472)P1020668 (640x480)

The road did improve greatly at the top of this section.  But we already have had a flat tire, did not want another and it was time to hike not drive.

There’s ample parting at the trailhead.  The well maintained trail begins easy, it's well shaded with pines and aspens in abundance.
P1020674 (640x480)P1020676 (640x480)

But soon starts to climb into meadows.  A look back at Lundy Lake gives an idea change in scenery.
P1020681 (640x474)P1020684 (640x480)

Crampons and Ice Axe recommended!  Yikes!  Actually there’s a water taxi on Saddlebag Lake that goes to the trailhead for 20 Lakes Basin - no ice axe required.  We did that great hike a few years ago.
P1020698 (640x478)P1020687 (640x480)

The original destination was the 3 waterfalls that can be seen from most of the trail.  That is until a pretty falls appeared at the end of this lake created by a very ambitious beaver dammed Mill Creek to create his own swimming hole.
P1020695 (640x480)P1020690 (640x470)
P1020692 (640x479)P1020700 (640x480)

There’s a bit of a rock scramble but the falls are worth it.
P1020691 (640x480)

Some pretty creative art work on the way back.
P1020703 (640x473)


  1. I hope we make it up to do this hike. It will be interesting to see how much water there is in the falls! So far the falls we've seen have all had water just not spring time levels. I think the snow and heavy rain last week really helped.

    1. The trail makes a Y at the crampons ice axe sign. Beaver dam to the left, rock scramble and water falls to the right.


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