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July 10, 2015

Chelan and Stehekim, WA

The city of Chelan has a nice city run RV park on the shores of Lake Chelan, that we called home for a few days.
IMG_5958 (640x478)

It is warm here!, but the AC is working Smile, 87 inside is downright chilly considering it’s hot and humid outside.  The locals are enjoying the public beach adjacent to the RV park.
IMG_5952 (640x480)IMG_5956 (640x480)

The Lady of the Lake provides passenger service to stops along the lake.  We took advantage of a nearly empty boat to spend the day on the water as a means to escape the heat for awhile.  Two tickets to Stehekin, please.
P1030159 (640x480)P1030166 (640x471)

In the Chelan wine region the grapes are grown almost to the shoreline at the south end of the lake.
P1030173 (640x477)P1030183 (640x480)

But this soon gives way to the steep rocky slopes left by the glaciers long ago.  Lake Chelan is the 3rd deepest lake (behind Crater Lake and Lake Tahoe) in the US.  Making it the deepest non-volcanic lake.  Where possible homes and villages have been built into the hillsides.
P1030195 (640x480)P1030197 (640x480)P1030215 (640x480)P1030229 (640x480)

The village of Stehekin is at the far north end of the lake, where the steep rocky slopes open to a forested valley.
P1030247 (640x478)P1030250 (640x475)P1030252 (640x480)P1030260 (640x480)P1030261 (640x480)P1030262 (640x479)

We rented a couple bikes at Discovery Bikes for a ride to Rainbow Falls.
P1030269 (640x480)P1030270 (640x480)

The falls almost disrupt the quiet beauty of the bike ride.
P1030278 (640x480)P1030281 (640x473)P1030283 (640x480)P1030255 (640x480)

Stehekin is also accessible by float plane, but the jet ski riders have a wake to play on as they follow the ferry.
P1030291 (640x480)P1030331 (640x466)P1030353 (640x463)P1030352 (640x480)

Packing and cleaning up today as we move on to the Bitterroot National Forest.

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  1. This looks like I nice place---we'll have to do a vacation there sometime!


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