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July 11, 2015

Waterville Days, Waterville WA

A fun serendipity of a stop as we make our way toward Yellowstone.  Waterville WA, the Meteor Capital of Washington, has a few events that attract the crowds.  Today is was Waterville Days, a celebration of local pride, local arts and crafts, local music, local food (and pies!), local hot rods, local horseshoe contest, local …, Did I mention it is local – all local!
IMG_5991 (640x472)

The Waterville Brass Band provided live music throughout the day.  The locals provided the best of their talents in the form of art and craft works and baked goods – including pie!
IMG_5983 (640x470)IMG_5984 (640x478)IMG_5985 (640x477)IMG_5986 (640x478)IMG_5987 (640x473)IMG_5988 (640x472)IMG_5992 (640x480)IMG_6006 (640x480)IMG_6008 (640x480)IMG_6009 (640x465)IMG_6010 (640x475)IMG_6011 (640x479)

There is a tremendous amount of skill and talent demonstrated in the restoration and customization of classic cars.
IMG_5970 (640x465)IMG_5971 (640x480)IMG_5972 (640x480)IMG_5973 (640x453)IMG_5974 (640x479)IMG_5975 (640x480)IMG_5976 (640x470)IMG_5977 (640x468)IMG_5978 (640x478)IMG_5979 (640x479)

And the pies, did I mention the homemade pies? 
IMG_6002 (640x468)IMG_6003 (640x418)
IMG_6004 (640x474)
P.S. Lori – you make better crust Smile

Time to continue east …

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