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July 24, 2015

Kansas! and some better weather …

The Geographic Center of the Continental USA is in Lebanon KS, just 12 miles below the Nebraska border, and our first stop.
P1040078 (640x473)

A well maintained park makes for a nice picnic stop.
P1040076 (640x479)P1040077 (640x473)

The World’s Largest Ball of Twine in Cawker KS is not far away.
P1040088 (640x479)P1040090 (640x480)

And yes at least some of Kansas is flat.  But it also has large areas of rolling hills with trees.
IMG_6188 (640x473)

Spent the first night in Kansas at Glen Elder State Park an expanse of camping, boating and day use on the north shore of Waconda Lake.  The Hopewell Church is also a storm shelter and the large expanse of grass is a great place to whack some golf practice balls.
IMG_6208 (640x476)IMG_6191 (640x480)IMG_6192 (640x472)IMG_6193 (640x468)IMG_6194 (640x480)IMG_6195 (640x479)IMG_6197 (640x479)IMG_6205 (640x480)IMG_6206 (640x480)IMG_6204 (640x480)

Tried taking the ‘shortest route’ to Hutchinson, KS rather than the the highway routes – and  “The Bridge is Out!”  Who knew?  A 3-point turn and short back track was required…
IMG_6209 (640x480)

Cosmosphere in Hutchinson was the destination for the day.  Cosmosphere has the most expansive collection of US and Russian memorabilia in the world, including the command module Odyssey from Apollo 13.  Their website says that an hour is enough for the museum section - HA! Four was not enough!
IMG_6211 (640x472)IMG_6212 (640x479)IMG_6216 (640x472)IMG_6214 (640x455)IMG_6217 (640x472)IMG_6227 (640x430)IMG_6229 (640x479)IMG_6234 (640x472)IMG_6238 (640x476)IMG_6240 (640x479)

Took a spot at the KOA in Salina KS across from the Yesteryear Museum for the night.
IMG_6248 (640x479)IMG_6250 (640x478)IMG_6251 (640x454)IMG_6252 (640x479)

There were several ‘hot rods’ in the campground as the upcoming weekend is the “Lead Sled” rally.   Did not take the time to go to any of the rally events
IMG_6254 (640x479)IMG_6256 (640x473)IMG_6258 (640x484)IMG_6257 (640x471)

After passing a few Wizard of OZ Museums we finally gave in to check out the OZ Museum in Wamego, KS.  This was a fun (if hokey) stop, and right next to the OZ Winery, fun labels but the wine was not to my dry-red taste.
IMG_6262 (640x473)IMG_6263 (640x504)IMG_6265 (640x477)IMG_6267 (640x480)IMG_6270 (640x479)IMG_6272 (640x480)

Lots of memorabilia, replicas and a theater continually playing the movie.  A nice break. 

Tomorrow Missouri ….

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