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September 16, 2014


Lazy start it’s only a few hours to Zion, and with regret leaving the mountains behind took awhile to get started. 

Took the scenic drive via the tunnels on AZ 9 into Zion.  We’re about 4” too tall and had to pay the $15 escort fee for the tunnel to be closed to allow single lane of traffic down the center line.  We’ll need the same escort to exit the park.
IMG_4701 (640x359)IMG_4705 (640x359)

If entering Zion from the west the town of Springdale has grown up right up to the entrance.  Easy walk to the movies, delis, arts and crafts – a bit like Sedona or a more upscale Idyllwild.  And that is where the Watchman Campground is – inside the park but walking distance to town!   Altho the campsite has some great views.
IMG_4724 (640x360)IMG_4725 (640x360)

The scooter is a great way to reach the viewpoints we passed on the way in.
IMG_4710 (640x359)IMG_4712 (640x387)IMG_4717 (640x359)IMG_4720 (640x359)IMG_4722 (640x360)IMG_4725 (640x360)

Have a full day here tomorrow to explore.

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