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September 15, 2014

The North Rim

Heading into the North Rim of the Grand Canyon some 50 miles down AZ 67.  This section passes thru Nation Forest land with open camping.  Stopped for the night just north of the entrance on the side of the gravel road into De Mote Campground.  Made reservations there for the following night.  Nice spot, a little different than the Vegas Strip (Vegas and Arizona Strips)
IMG_4697 (640x360)P1010481 (640x480)P1010586 (640x480)P1010484 (640x480)

The entrance to the park is just 10 miles away, with deer and bison along the roadside, but then it’s another 10 inside the park to the Visitors Center.
P1010490 (640x480)P1010496 (640x480)P1010524 (640x480)P1010528 (640x480)

Downloaded the scooter for the ride up to the view points above.  Made it to 8800 feet for some awesome views at Point Imperial.

P1010559 (640x480)P1010551 (640x480)P1010545 (640x480)P1010554 (640x480)

But on the way down it started to hail and then it really let loose.  Shorts and a T shirt were soaked thru with still nearly 20 mi to shelter.  Didn’t make it to Mt Royal.  Bob and Susan may claim 127 miles as the distance record, but 20 miles in hail all above 8000’ is not fun!

P1010561 (640x480)P1010564 (640x480)

Now back at the RV, cold and wet and the generator won’t start.  Cannot find the adjustment for this elevation on the darn thing.  So it’s batteries and the propane furnace.
Zion tomorrow!

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