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September 15, 2014

Leaving Las Vegas

Leaving the Vegas Strip behind was not all that hard for me to do.  Crowds, noise, lights, traffic, fun … in a hedonistic sorta way.  The structures are really quite amazing, but then so is the desert.
IMG_4637 (640x379)P1010471 (640x480)

Climbing up the Kaibab Plateau to the vast Arizona Strip.    Here’s a view of the from the Pipe Springs National Monument of the emptiness of the Arizona Strip.
P1010468 (640x480)P1010475 (640x480)

Leaving the 90+ heat of the valley behind made the climb into the Kaibab Nation Forest.  Trading the parking lot of Cicrus Circus ($65 night) for a wide spot on a Nation Forest Road (free).   At over 8000’ this down right chilly - now this is my style!  No cell service, internet, tv – a bizzion stars, pine trees, fresh air.  I’ll take it!

The gotchya is there is a conference call tomorrow where I could learn what the company benefits package will be for the coming year and how to sign up …  If there’s service at the North Rim Village I will call in, if not I’ll find out some other time.  
After a breakfast of Huevos Rancheros overlooking the canyon I found a spot on the rim and listened to the conference.
P1010538 (640x480)P1010571 (640x480)

Only have the rest of the day here, time to get out and enjoy it.

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