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September 11, 2014

VEGAS Baby, Vegas!

The computer was telling me my oil level was high, not ‘Hello’, not over heating – that was my first thought.    Sure enough the dipstick shows less than a 1/2 quart over, will have to drain a bit off.
Camping in Vegas on the strip has a few selections, well one only!  Now in the parking lot of Circus Circus, which is run by KOA.   My little bro Marty found a studio apt via VRBO on the 22nd floor of Tower 2 at the MGM.  Sweet!
IMG_4635 (640x351)IMG_4644 (640x359)IMG_4639 (640x360)IMG_4642 (640x360)
His view was much different from mine!

Family all in town for dinner at the MGM Grand Buffet.  So many selections a couple trips over a couple days would not be enough.    We all tried to be good, but we all still ate too much.
IMG_4648 (640x360)IMG_4650 (640x359)
IMG_4651 (640x360)

Walked back to our end of the strip afterwards.  Crowded and still warm out but an after dinner walk was needed.
IMG_4654 (640x360)IMG_4656 (640x359)IMG_4659 (640x359)IMG_4660 (640x335)IMG_4661 (640x359)IMG_4666 (640x359)IMG_4662 (640x359)IMG_4668 (640x359)

The DEUCE stops right outside for tonight's show Donny and Marie at the Flamingo, then Ferris Wheel and some free time.

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