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September 12, 2014

Viva, Las Vegas!

The Venetian offers a great exhibit on da Vinci, a hands-on exhibit.  Touch and use replicas of his designs.  Totally worth the price of admission.  Sorry lawyers prevent taking pics inside … here’s some of the lobby.

IMG_4669 (640x359)IMG_4671 (640x359)

and a tree I’m going to try to grow.
IMG_4670 (640x359)IMG_4672 (640x359)

Final night on the Vegas strip.  Nice family gathering at Margaretville, nachos, burgers, good company with good music.  Not only is the Jimmy Buffet franchise chain fun it at the Flamingo where we all attended the performance of Donny and Marie afterwards.
IMG_4677 (640x355)IMG_4675 (640x360)

A cheesy pic of the gathering.  My little portable camera does not do well in low light so no good pics other than those posted.
IMG_4681 (640x359)IMG_4691 (640x376)

After several calls and texts with the Cook boys, it just did not work out that we’d get together on this trip.   I did not know all of our commitments, nor did it don on me that of course the weekends are their full schedule workdays – dah!  Vegas does not come alive until after dark and never stops during the weekend.

Was looking forward for a visit, but gotta leave this trip without it.

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