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September 20, 2014

Big Bear

Arg! what a difference a day makes!  Thunderstorms in Flagstaff, a new exit route is advised.  It’s only a precaution but makes good sense to skip the Vermillion Cliffs and avoid the rain as long as possible.  Back to the freeway … but see there is 2-lane out of Barstow up to Big Bear via Lucerne Valley.

IMG_4852 (640x359)IMG_4853 (640x360)
Now that’s better!

Well I thought it was better Sad smile   The climb out of the valley is 16% with hairpin switchback turns.  Not the best road for an RV, but Rufus only complained once and climbed the grade in 1st gear.

It’s called Big Bear as the valley was full of Grizzly Bears – only one left now is on the state flag. 

Halloran's had a spot on the Lake!  Of course I took it, full hook-ups too.  But it was only available because Rufus is small enough to fit into the boat storage area!
IMG_4854 (640x359)
But with the view, it was just fine!
IMG_4856 (640x359)IMG_4855 (640x360)

I’m a sucker for Bristlecone Pines!  A bucket list item is to hike all the groves, with only New Mexico left it just might happen.  Then there was the hike in the Big Bear Guide called the Bristlecone Loop – WTH?  HA! got me … Bristlecone is the name of the road where the Fern Trail starts!  Nice hike anyway, altho turned around at Club View due to time limitations.
IMG_4860 (640x456)IMG_4864 (640x480)

For lunch … Pizza in The Village, then the drive home …
IMG_4870 (640x360)

Now time to figure out the next adventure

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