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July 14, 2017

Mission Bay - ad-hoc meeting

My last update on the De Anza Revitalization Plan was after the previous ad-hoc committee meeting, which I was able to attend in Nov 2016.  That blog can be reviewed HERE.  My personal choice was Alternative 3, which allowed for the greatest tidal flow and options for non-motorized water sports.
Despite this alternative plan receiving the vast majority of support (4x the other contenders) it has been dropped.

Our travel commitment did not allow for attendance at the final public meeting of the ad-hoc committee on June 29th.   My information presented is from the website and an email from a friend who did attend.  The two remaining alternatives were presented as slight modifications of the previous concepts.

But have been renumbered to add to the confusion.

Both of the final draft plans include baseball, basketball, volleyball, golf and tennis.  Both plans include ~38 acres of wetlands and, drum-roll …, 40 acres of guest housing – in the form of an RV park.  For reference the existing Mission Bay RV Resort is ~26 acres and coincidentally Campland on the Bay as it is now occupies 40 acres.  As I reported previously the existing Campland location will remain in operation during the revitalization project and then that property will be added to the Kendall Marsh as wetlands.

I would like to have attended as I think both plans lack facilities for the tennis courts.  Placing the courts  closer to the golf clubhouse and its restaurant would allow those facilities to be shared.

The project updates can be found at the De Anza Revitalization Plan web site.  The handout presented at the meeting is a brief overview, the presentation goes into greater details.

Woot Woot!!!  A contract has been awarded to replace the abandoned visitor center with a restaurant.   Mission Bay Park remains an alcohol free park, but Shoreline Mission Bay will offer a counter-service with wine and local craft beers on tap.

And for the coffee addicts, a Starbucks will soon be open at the top of the Clairemont Drive hill in the old McDonald's location, and another will be opening at the forthcoming trolley stop at bottom of Clairemont Drive.  I expect both the Starbucks and Sprouts (replacing Keil’s) at the top of the hill to be open by the time we return home in September.  Sprouts is a local grocery that specializes in farm fresh produce, but it is not a full service grocery.

If you are not bored yet, check out the plans for Morena Blvd.  Where’s Morena?, if you've been to Coronado Brewing – it’s safe for now - or had tacos at Off Shore - it may not survive - you've driven on Morena.  If you've bought gifts at Toys-R-Us, that is all gone replaced by up to 10 story condominium buildings.  This is another meeting we missed.

Both the Baypark Boardwalk and Morena plans are far enough out that I will get a say soon.  But it’s wise to review now and prepare for the next meeting.  If you have any questions I’ll try to get an answer, if your review of the city’s offerings merits a comment please do so.

It’s Great’n Dayton ... we'll be here a few more weeks.

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