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May 13, 2017

STREAK 44 - Campland on the Bay

During Mothers Day weekend the Over the Hill Gang of San Diego hosts one of the largest and longest running local car shows in San Diego County called the "STREAK" at Campland on the Bay on Mission Bay.  OTHG car club members show off their pre-59 cars at the 44th annual STREAK and invite other local clubs to join them.
P1070544 (1280x960)P1070477 (1280x960)

NOTE:  I’d like to let you know that the Campland lease has been extended for 3 years.  The previous lease was to expire Nov 7, 2017 but now it is assured that Campland on the Bay will remain at least until November 2020, with an option of an additional 2 years, into 2022 at the City’s discretion.

We’re here for STREAK 44.  Here’s a sample of the extreme efforts put into the restorations, customization and future projects.

A Chevy truck has more options than a 1948 Crosley.
P1070482 (1280x960)P1070483 (1280x936)

Another project a ‘24 Ford
P1070489 (1280x960)P1070490 (1280x960)

A nicely restored Studebaker, a beautiful mid-engine Pantera is a ‘73
1937 StudebakerP1070494 (1280x960)

A panel van turned to a decent motorhome.
P1070503 (1280x960)P1070502 (1280x960)

A right hand drive Dodge
P1070511 (1280x960)P1070512 (1280x960)

P1070505 (1280x960)P1070508 (1280x959)
P1070520 (1280x960)P1070521 (1280x960)
P1070488 (1280x960)P1070532 (1280x960)
P1070539 (1280x960)P1070540 (1280x960)

The only 4z4 at the show
P1070524 (1280x960)

What’s not to like about Woody?  As long as it has surfboards, both look like the could be right off a Beach Boys cover.
P1070535 (1280x960)P1070542 (1280x960)

We parked at De Anza Cove and walked thru the ghost town of our old hood.  The demolition in De Anza Mobil Home Park has begun.  Large containers are in place for the various recycleable components, including the landscaping.  

P1070550 (1280x960)P1070553 (1280x960)
P1070466 (1280x960)P1070468 (1280x908)

My old trailer was moved off its lot some time ago by a subsequent owner.  There’s nothing left on the old North-West 2 lot.
P1070469 (1280x960)

All in all it was a nice day in the sunshine while still cool enough for a little walking.

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