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July 24, 2017

Swamp Romp - the Fraze goes Cajun

It’s another hot evening, it’s way past balmy or muggy, even sweltering does not cover this evening at the Fraze.  And if it was not for the music and some gumbo I’d not be here.
IMG_4340 (1280x942)IMG_4342 (1280x959)

And yes it is rain streaking down the glass as the gal ahead of us orders jambalaya.  The gumbo looks good too, but the Bayou Trash adds crawfish and shrimp to the gumbo.  YUM!
IMG_4346 (1280x958)IMG_4347 (1280x960)

The fountains were adorned with alligators and shrimp
IMG_4339 (1280x960)IMG_4341 (1280x959)

Although the lead band was good, I’m soaked from the rain and the air is too thick to breathe as I head back to the house and air conditioning.  Even Fran admits it is a bit muggy, but I'd still call it sweltering!  Fran stays on through the balmy/muggy evening for the main event, which can be heard from the comfort of the front porch.
IMG_4351 (1280x944)IMG_4348 (1280x944)

Ever wonder how the Fraze Pavilion got its name?  It is named for a Kettering inventor/resident Ernie Fraze,the inventor of the poptop can.
IMG_4349 (1280x946)IMG_4350 (1280x960)

While Kettering itself is named after inventor Charles Kettering, inventor of the automotive starter motor and founder of Dayton Electronics (now DELCO).

During a decent rain the basement will have water come in.  A couple years ago we added gutters and walkway to move the water away from the house.  But the problem remained.  This trip I discovered that this storm drain will backup and overflow.  As a temporary solution I covered the drain and moved the downspout to divert the drainage onto the walkway.  The issue was not leaves in the drain but the pipe makes a sharp 90 into a French drain, which is no longer flowing.

IMG_4354 (1280x959)IMG_4335 (1280x960)

The permanent solution was to cut the pipe and take advantage of the slope of the yard to drain the gutters onto the ground.  A dirty job that needed to be done, and look at that water flow now!
IMG_4355 (1280x960)IMG_4356 (1280x958)

Our neighbor in San Diego has relocated to IN.  Allen was not just a neighbor, but a good friend and euchre partner.  He is now building a house on Floyd’s Knob overlooking Louisville.  It is definitely a job-site, but offers a nice moochdocking site for our visit.  The workshop where we are parked has 20amp outlets every 3 feet!  Not often an extension cord will be needed.
IMG_4307 (1280x956)IMG_4324 (1280x945)

For now the old stone retaining wall will remain.  The exterior will be re-bricked to match the original and that other garage door needs to be replaced.
IMG_4329 (1280x948)IMG_4309 (1280x960)

There will be no shortage of outlets nor lighting inside the house either.
IMG_4313 (1280x945)IMG_4314 (1280x934)

The large front porch will offer views over Louisville KY.  However on this day the air is thick and heavy with little to see.  Being just above the Ohio River it just might be more humid than Dayton!
IMG_4318 (1280x959)IMG_4330 (1280x946)

The visit was topped by a fabulous dinner with Al and his mother, who lives nearby in New Albany.  Great food and even better company!
IMG_4332 (1280x946)

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