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July 06, 2017

Blue Earth - A couple days in Minnesota

The speed limit on I-90 in South Dakota is 80 mph, fighting the prairie crosswinds of more than half that from the south, it’s time for a welcome break in Blue Earth MN, home of the Jolly Green Giant.

P1080463 (938x1280)P1080464 (1280x959)
For perspective that's Fran up there, not much bigger than his shoes.

P1080466 (1280x960)P1080470 (1280x931)

Blue Earth offers a spacious FHU campsite on their Faribault County Fairgrounds for $20.  Although Walmart is a short walk away and FREE, we choose the fairgrounds, so much nicer.  Huge FHU back-in sites, on the river with trash pick up and hot showers.   Good cell signals and free firewood.
P1080457 (1280x946)P1080483 (1280x958)

Notes on How To Rain Garden to improve runoff water quality are next to our site.
P1080479 (1280x959)P1080480 (1280x959)

Historic buildings at the fairgrounds are being prepped for the county fair next month.
P1080477 (1280x958)P1080462 (1280x960)

This was a great spot to weather out several thunderstorms.  Hopefully the humidity will drop and winds diminish as a result.
P1080459 (1280x960)P1080460 (1280x960)

Downtown is pretty quiet and contains both the Visitor Center and the Green Giant Museum.
P1080474 (1280x961)P1080476 (1280x960)

It is within the VC that we can see a bit of the blue clay that gives the town its name.
P1080473 (1280x959)

Green Giant has changed owners a few times and now it is Seneca and closed to visitors.  The museum is just a collection of market memorbilia and a DVD showing all the old commercials. 
P1080467 (1280x959)P1080468 (1280x948)

There is a trail from the campground to the I-90 rest stop.  It was at Blue Earth in 1978 that our nation’s longest interstate I-90 was completed, connecting Boston and Seattle.  A ceremony similar to the Golden Spike in Utah took place, but instead of a spike a section of the highway was painted gold, creating the Golden Stripe.
P1080451 (1280x958)P1080455 (1280x945)

A worker at the rest area told me that unless otherwise posted the rest areas do allow overnight parking.  Another option to Walmart, although there were several rigs at the Blue Earth Walmart, and none in the rest area when we walked thru.

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