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November 09, 2016

MISSION BAY RV PARK–DeAnza Revitalization

Yes I’m shouting the Mission RV Park – this is important and it’s about you!  You are our guests so feel free to speak up, your deadline is November 30!  Be loud and be clear, but justify your comments, blue-sky options are past.

We arrived home from San Felipe in time to dump the shrimp in the freezer and get one of the last 3 parking spots to attend the 3rd public forum on what options are being considered with what us locals call DeAnza, what you might consider Mission Bay RV Park.

IMG_1417 (640x480)IMG_1400 (640x472)

The area west of Rose Creek (aka Campland) will be returned to native vegetation, period!, that’s non-negotiable!   What happens to the golf course, tennis courts, the open space, ‘guest housing’ (aka RV Park), is still open for public input.  I really do not like the term ‘Guest Housing’ as that leaves the door open for a hotel – altho the City has said ‘NO!’ … the door remains ajar Sad smile.

The meeting was held at Mission Bay High – just across the foot bridge from the Mission Bay RV Park.  It was well represented with special interest groups.  Friends of Campland were quite vocal, wanting Campland to stay … not gonna happen, at least in it’s current location.  The gentle folks of Rewild Mission Bay have the best shirts! and good manners.
IMG_1401 (640x481)IMG_1419 (640x480)

As an ex-resident, of the mobile home park, I take personal interest in this project.  My main contribution, if it can be claimed as mine, was water quality.  DeAnza Cove has poor, to  bad, water quality, it does not get a decent tidal flush.  This is addressed to a degree in all 3 plans, but plan #1 and #3 do a better job of it.
IMG_1404 (640x480)IMG_1406 (640x473)

For details on the 3 alternatives I’ve provided the links since I’m too illiterate to incorporate the PDF files.  I do have them, if you are not able to see/download from the links, I can email them  ~5MB ea.

Overview of the Revitalize DeAnza Plan: http://www.deanzarevitalizationplan.com/

Enter your comments: http://www.deanzarevitalizationplan.com/get-involved

Workshop handout: http://media.wix.com/ugd/bad91e_fc84f44e912f4adcb2969c7cce812522.pdf

 … the details: http://media.wix.com/ugd/bad91e_45f8eec6398b4ab4ace23a141041c489.pdf

My take – Alternative #3 (best tidal flush), RV Park from Option #2 – yes smaller! with the playground at the point, as in option #2, parking for the island restaurant - not on the island.  And it would be nice to have Campland as our RV park host – they know Sandy Eggo and how to entertain guests.

Your ideas?  We have till Nov 30 to hit the committee follow the link above to enter your comments or forward to me and I’ll submit them!

Enjoy your stay at DeAnza Cove!

Not sure what's up next - I have to work the rest of the week, including Saturday!  Grrrrrrr

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