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October 04, 2017

Rufus Repairs - and a Caeser’s Salad

As I reported in my trip summary, Rufus came home requiring some repairs from the road trip this year.  The big issues were the need for a new converter to replace the 2-stage WFCO that came with the unit and the TV.  I planned to replace the WFCO 2-stage converter with a 4-stage Progressive Dynamics unit in the same space.  But it’s a tight 13” x 18” space under the pantry.
IMG_5605 (1024x752)

Oh my it is indeed quite snug in there!  A nice big service loop in the AC wires, but the DC wires are bango-string tight.  Their service loop is in the furnace compartment under the refrigerator. 

While disconnecting the power, I also disconnected the B.I.R.D (my Battery Interconnect Relay Delay) and the relay.  The purpose the purpose of the relay is to allow the coach batteries to be charged from the alternator with the engine running, or the chassis battery to be charged while plugged into shore power, or isolation when boondocking.  I noticed the coach (yellow) connections were not tight, hmmm.  But that is an issue with the lug that is physically too large seat over the isolation tab.

IMG_5606 (1024x767)

I replaced this three post relay (body is the ground) with a four post relay (separate ground post).  And the cable to the starting battery seats much better now.

I also pulled the Trojan T-105 batteries and noticed one was in pretty bad shape.  I’ve used Deep Cycle Batteries of El Cajon for previous projects.  If you’re in the area in the need of a battery replacement give them a call.  Their prices are competitive and they offer free delivery/installation for the greater San Diego area.
IMG_5714 (1024x740)IMG_5712 (1024x768)

After unmounting the circuit breaker and fuses panels I was able to create a little more workspace to disconnect the old converter and wrestle it out of its hiding place.
IMG_5716 (1024x768)

My idea of using a fancy top-of-the-line Progressive Dynamics 4-stage converter with ‘Charge Wizard’  was completely dashed.  Just looking at the size of the boxes gives a good idea that more than a few modifications would be required to install the Progressive Dynamics unit.
IMG_5763 (1280x945)

In the end I took the path of least resistance and replaced the WFCO unit with another WF-9855.  It took a couple tries to wiggle the new unit into the original spot.
IMG_5717 (1024x768)

Oh and the TV?  Fran did not pick my fancy Blue Ray unit, but went with a 24” Samsung.  Much less expensive, but it has an AC power supply.  I’m concerned it may not hold up to the riggers of RV travel, but sure has a great picture!  The little blue box under the TV is the 150 watt inverter I choose.  I also added a DC distribution and 4-port USB adapter.  I like that it has a power on/off switch.

IMG_5718 (1024x766)

The tweaked entry door was easily aligned again with a few select wraps with a ball pein hammer. 

I did not take any pics of replacing the hinges on the upper bunk.  It was pretty straight forward, 9 of the 12 screws holding the bunk in place had been pulled loose.  After finding all 9 of the missing screws I simply replaced all 12 screws.  Time will tell if they will hold, if not I’ll borrow from Bill and Kelly's American Odyssey for a reinforced anchor point which might work just fine.

My last project was to again drop the combo oven, it as been making an operational rattle since I replaced the turntable motor last year.  There is nothing easy about this!  Nothing!  I used a jack to hold and transfer the weight.  While Fran and I lifted it off the anchor points.
IMG_1683 (640x479)IMG_1689 (640x459)

With the cover removed I found nothing amiss, nor did Fran.  After I put is back together and it ran perfectly on the work bench.  Raised it back into place and it still ran fine.  ARG!

With these tweaks Rufus is ready for another adventure.

Time to celebrate!  Being on the road all summer we have neglected our dental hygiene!  Monday was a good day to return to Tijuana for a cleaning.  As I’ve mentioned before an FMM (Forma Migratoria Múltiple) is required to be in Mexico.  WHOOT WHOOT the form can now be filled out in English HERE!

Crossing the border on foot we are usually assaulted by taxi drivers.  TJ has now taken action on that with organized stands and posted prices.  Sorry no picture it was a bit of a shock!

With our teeth clean and bright we walked over to Hotel Caesars to finally celebrate with the original Caesar’s salad.  Opened in 1927 there is a lot of history portrayed on the walls.
IMG_5743 (1280x959)IMG_5744 (1280x959)

Speaking of walls there is a TV in the restroom!  OK now that’s a first …
IMG_5745 (1280x960)

The salad is prepared at the table.
IMG_5748 (1280x916)IMG_5755 (1280x959)

IMG_5757 (1280x914)

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