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May 07, 2017

San Felipe Baja Norte - a week at Bahia Santa Maria

We left home in San Diego about 8 AM taking about 4 hours for the trip.  I take the quad along to extend our range for exploring the beach.  The downside is we’re always stopped going into Mexico to produce the registration.  This time we were also asked to produce our FMM forms.  I’ve mentioned the need for the FMM in previous posts lastly as we headed off to the Shrimp Festival.

As regular visitors to San Felipe, and a beach house to maintain, this blog is slanted toward that.  Jim is a San Felipe snow bird and his blog Chaos Leaves Town is slanted toward that life style.

After a few minutes we were on our way south down Mex 5, an easy road that has recently been resurfaced.  Despite the speed limit being 100 kmh, even with the utility trailer it is tempting to go much faster. 

The newly repainted welcome sign is already peeling, but it’s still a nice addition as is the wider Malecon, but I miss the old sea wall.  That sea wall was just the right height to sit on and enjoy a margarita!  I’m sure the folks at El Dorado Ranch had a big influence in the new design to eliminate that option.
P1070388 (1280x956)P1070385 (1280x958)

As is our custom, our first stop is for Strawberry Margaritas at Club Bar Miramar.  This time we get them to-go, as we’d like to walk the Malecon.  Adriana’s is our usual taco stand, but has not yet opened for the day. There’s a new addition to the main beach – 3 lifeguard towers!  Is that the lifeguard taking a siesta underneath?
P1070281 (1280x958)P1070283 (1280x960)

And the shrine for the Virgin of Guadalupe has new paint, along with a new BBQ spot.  The dry dock entrance has been moved to the north side to reduce traffic along the beach.  At low tide the sand is bulldozed out to allow entrance/exit at high tide.  Fun operation to watch.
P1070284 (1280x951)P1070398 (1280x959)
P1070401 (1280x959)P1070403 (1280x959)

The tide is in as we arrive at Bahia Santa Maria, WOW! it is high!  The back bay will flood when there is a nice +tide.  But this is rare to have so much water in the back yard.
P1070285 (1280x955)P1070286 (1280x942)

And our golf course is just a narrow driving range, kinda narrow sand fairway, but we can play this.  With the pelicans crowded onto what little remains of the spit.
P1070291 (1280x960)P1070354 (1280x956)P1070295 (1280x957)

The beach house always needs some maintenance.  My project for this trip is to replace the last of the black iron gas pipe with galvanized pipe.  The iron just does not hold up well in this beach environment.  This last section of pipe is behind the shelving in the store room with this external section to the (non-working refrigerator).  Being inside it is in better shape than the previous outside sections I have already replaced.

I cut the raw pipe to the correct length and with the Harbor Freight tap and die set thread it.
P1070309 (1280x960)P1070310 (1280x958)
The before and after:
P1070302 (1280x928)P1070312 (1280x960)
I’m sure Mexican code would allow for the shut-off valve to be within the storeroom … behind the shelves Smile, and not in the house by the heater ….

An unexpected task of more roofing also needs to be done.  When I covered the garage with a rubber roof, I was the first to use rubber roofing.  Now there’s a dozen rubber roofs on the beach!  I’ll strip and prep this next section of roof while we’re here and rubber coat it when we return in the fall.
P1070317 (1280x957)P1070459 (1280x941)
P1070338 (1280x933)

Although the winds wrecked their havoc on the roof a couple kite boarders showed up to take advantage.
P1070319 (1280x938)P1070321 (1280x945)

The beach house does not get as much use as it one did, it’s going to the birds!  The couple sits in our dead palm and sings us awake, and this little fella sits in the shelter of the front deck and takes a nap standing on one foot.
P1070333 (1280x959)P1070330 (1280x923)

Wednesday we head into town for supplies.  Wednesday is good if you know what you want, but not for browsing.  Many shops, restaurants and even Bar Miramar take the day off.  So traffic is light, but with the hardware store and DJ’s Market are open we get all we need.  The Taco Factory is open and offers free WiFi and a passable Margarita, offering a chance to catch up on a few emails with a view.
P1070407 (1280x958)P1070409 (1280x929)

The homes down the beach are recovering from extensive storm damage, with new sea walls in front of new construction.  Carol’s house (our favorite beach bum) remains devastated.  Looks like rock is being brought in to stabilize her front.

P1070342 (1280x958)P1070344 (1280x932)

We’ve lost about 20 yards of beach with about 20 yards remaining.  We have a few years yet to decide what, if anything, we’ll to do to stabilize our beach front.  Maybe Fran and brother Bobby already have it figured out, as they chat on the beach.
P1070413 (1280x959)P1070453 (1280x959)

Sunrise from the beach house gives an idea of how far the water will recede at low tide.  The pelicans patiently await the return of the water as the sun glistens off the incoming tide.
P1070420 (1280x957)P1070411 (1280x959)

Our last stop is always at Tortilleria Santa Rosalia where we will pick up several packages of traditional flour tortillas to take home.
P1070461 (1280x960)P1070465 (1280x937)

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