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May 22, 2017

Tijuana Airport - HowTo: Cross Border Express (CBX)

I need to pick up my kid brother at the Tijuana Airport as his Snowbird season has come to an end.  Marty is a retired postal worker living in Tacoma, but has a home in Mazatlan as  his winter residence.  It’s much less expensive to fly in/out of the Tijuana and using the Cross Border Express (CBX) footbridge that connects Otay Mesa to the TJ airport.  

From home it’s easy to hop on I-5 south to exit 3, CA-905 East.
P1070746 (1280x944)P1070747 (1280x934)

Follow CA-905 East 6 miles to Britannia Blvd.

P1070749 (1280x951)P1070750 (1280x957)

The route is well marked with directional arrows on the light poles.
P1070751 (1280x942)P1070753 (1280x960)P1070754 (1280x945)P1070757 (1280x940)

The CBX is not a free service - it is a toll bridge!, at this time it is $16 US one way!   Be sure to have enough US Dollars to cover that expense.  Or purchase your ticket, up to a year in advance online HERE.  To use the CBX bridge you must have a CBX ticket AND an airline boarding pass for a flight either departing Tijuana Airport within 24 hours, or having arrived within 2 hours.

There is ample parking, but the main lot is $18 per day!  Ouch!!! that’s out of line for a pick up, and there is no cell phone lot, as is available at Lindbergh Field.   The left lane is for long term parking $18 per day.  The right is for pick up and drop off.
P1070759 (1280x959)

However, there is a short term lot $5 for up to 2 hours , but better still street parking is readily available.  The best bet is to park on the street and wait for a text/call from the person you’ll be picking up and then circle the pickup area.
P1070758 (1280x944)

Once you’ve done this once it’s so very easy, much easier than the TJ or Otay pedestrian pick up.  I hope a reader might find this HowTo useful.  

A Google map showing the CBX can be found HERE.
CBX (911x623)

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