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April 27, 2017

ReWild Mission Bay - an alternative to DeAnza Cove Revitalization Plan

I had the chance to attend a ReWild Mission Bay gathering Tuesday evening, and it was the last chance for public comment. 
P1070252 (1280x960)P1070253 (1280x959)

The Mission Bay Master Plan has been revised in 1995 and again in 2002.  In the current 2002 document, note that the quote above has been very slightly modified to include:

“As a microcosm and symbolic statement of our relationship to nature, the future of Mission Bay Park must reflect our contemporary environmental values.”

It does not define our contemporary values, I guess that’s what these meetings hope to establish.

There is a bit of overlap between the San Diego’s Audubon Society who is backing ReWild Mission Bay while the De Anza Cove Revitalization Plan is lead by City of San Diego.   Both plans have designs on the North East corner of De Anza Cove, but differ in both scope and geography.
ReWild broad - ALL of the NE corner, except the golf course and ball fields
Revitalize narrow – just De Anza Cove, including the golf course and ball fields
ReWild narrow – only wetlands in the area south of North Mission Bay Drive with limited (if any) public access.  The golf course, tennis courts and ball fields would remain some sort of recreation area TBD.
Revitalize broad – includes all areas south of Grand Ave to include some wetlands, recreation, RV Park, restaurant, public access.
Note that all areas west of Rose Creek (Campland) will be incorporated into the Kendall-Frost Wetlands (without public access).  This is a done-deal in all forms of all the submitted plans.  The Kendall-Frost research wetlands will be extended to include all the area south of Pacific Beach Drive and west of Rose Creek, likely to the edge of Crown Point, where the dirt lot is now.  Here’s my sketch of the for-sure wetlands.
I also would expect a buffer area east of Rose Creek to allow for sea level rise.  On this point I think ReWild has done a better job, but then it’s all wetlands to them Smile.

To confuse matters more the Project Manager of ReWild is the Vice Chair of the Revitalization Plan and the Project Manager for the Revitalization Plan is the Science and Technology officer for ReWild. 

There is also overlap within the subcommittees, I can’t read my scribbled notes on all of this, but it seems obvious there must be compromises if anything is to get done.  I fear these two chair/vice-chair folks will make the final decision(s)  … ARG!  So much for my public input!

I’ve reported earlier on the De Anza Cove Revitalization Plan Nov 2016, but we’ll be on RoadTrip 2017 for their next public meeting (tentatively June 15 2017), dang just when it’s getting interesting!  If you’ll be in town and have an interest in the future of De Anza I’d encourage you to attend. 

My notes and links on ReWild Mission Bay include their 3 alternative draft plans.  In the drafts:
brown = mud flat; greens = wetland; yellow = transition; pink = upland; purples = public recreation
The yellow lines in the second picture of each detail public access and Visitor Center if provided.
P1070269 (1280x946)

Plan A
Greatest allocation of wetland with extensive mud flats and no Visitor Center.
P1070270 (1280x947)CaptureA

Plan B
More public/tourist friendly and includes a Visitor Center.
P1070275 (1280x960)P1070274 (1280x945)

Plan C
Also public/tourist friendly and includes a Visitor Center.  The channel will allow for better tidal flush.
CaptureCP1070277 (1280x946)

Please visit the ReWild website HERE to view the full details of their draft proposals.
Both Plans B and C include a Visitor Center and play area with beach.  Plan A does not.

As a refresher please visit the De Anza Revitalization Plan draft alternatives HERE.
Yes Alternative 3 is still my favorite!  But they have to take the restaurant OFF the island …to the mainland please! - where the parking is.

One of the best outlines of the demographics and guide lines for the park can be found HERE.  It’s a big pdf, don’t use cell for this link.

The summary from the public input found HERE, it is a strong public desire to maintain Guest Housing (aka RV park).  And golf dropped below Volleyball!  Whoot Whoot!

Next up a long overdue visit to San Felipe, 'The beach is calling and I must go ...'

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